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In one of the many suburbs outside Lisbon that germinated abundantly in the last decades of the last century, a typical narrow and long two-bedroom apartment. Our clients, a young couple with a toddler girl and a newborn baby boy, were looking for a home that could embrace the growth of the family.

▼入口,entrance space © Miguel Marcelino

▼隐藏的更衣室、游戏空间和鞋架区,hidden dressing room, play space and shoe rack © Miguel Marcelino


The aim was to make the interactions of daily life richer through a fluid and intercommunicating social zone between kitchen, living room and access to the bedrooms. In the innermost area, a compartment was added that intends to function as a complement to the children’s only-room: as a dressing room, play space, shoe rack, or toilet, thanks to the hidden washbasin in the closet.

▼从入口望向起居空间,view from entrance to living space © Miguel Marcelino

▼厨房(左),餐厅(右),kitchen (left), dining room (right) © Miguel Marcelino

▼从餐厅望向厨房,view from dining room to kitchen © Miguel Marcelino

▼厨房,kitchen © Miguel Marcelino

▼主卧,master bedroom © Miguel Marcelino

▼儿童房,children’s room © Miguel Marcelino

▼隐藏式盥洗池,hidden washbasin © Miguel Marcelino


To the bare concrete of the structure that was left visible, it was added the presence of wood, stone and steel that benefit from the natural light that now comes in more generously.

▼材质细部,details © Miguel Marcelino

▼平面图,floor plan © Miguel Marcelino

Architects: Miguel Marcelino
Collaborators: Mónica González, Mariana Brito, Miguel Coutinho
Phases: 2019 (project), 2019-2020 (construction)
General Contractor: Conceito Ficticio
Gross Floor Area: 85 m2
Location: Amadora, Portugal
Client: António Castel-Branco

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