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The site is located in Anji county in the province of ZHEJIANG CHINA, between three hills and two valleys, where residents seek tranquility and greater contact with nature, averse to the urban context of the city center. The 56 villas with 126-203m2. They have been bedded into the existing contours of the land to integrate its relationship with the landscape. From within, the sense of living in an alpine landscape is heightened, yet the house provides a comfortable retreat after a long day on the valley.

▼项目概览,project overview

▼VILLA从自然中长出,“悬浮”于山坡之上,VILLAs have been bedded into the existing contours of the land to integrate its relationship with the landscape


▼项目概念图,concept diagram

Two guidelines were important to the project: the steep declivity of the terrain, and its location within a natural preservation area, with specular views to the mountainous landscape that surrounds it. The front part is stilted building supported by 3 steel columns.

▼最大化保留原生态山林地貌,its location within a natural preservation area

▼室外露台及室外景观,view from the outdoor terrace

▼室外烧烤用餐区,outdoor bbq area


▼中庭生成概念图,courtyard concept diagram

Simple materials of glass, board finish concrete have been selected for their longevity, and are designed to weather gracefully within the site context. The overriding philosophy has been to deliver a design that is ‘naturally belonging’ – With its glass enclosure, the effect created is of a floating open platform, revealing when occupied the full impact of the surrounding mountains. One is literally suspended in space and surrounded by the foliage of trees. A building that grows from the landscape and compliments the site.

▼室外露台包围着中庭,the atrium surrounded by the terrace

▼中庭室内景观,the interior landscape

▼室内,interior view

除此之外社交空间的增大使人获得了精神层面上的满足, 当你站在那里铺面而来的是山下的景色,让人有足够余地与自我相处。倾斜的基地与山脉的走向相垂直,周围是一片翠绿的景色,覆盖在无尽的蓝天之下,阳光明媚,草木在微风地吹拂下微微颤动。建筑师试图将大自然的福祉同日常生活联系起来,通过将它们植入人的灵魂,来放大生活的喜悦。

The increase of common space gives people a spiritual satisfaction. When you stand on the terrace, the highest value of the plot is a wonderful view stretching out, giving people enough space to get along with themselves. The sloped site, which was cut through the mountain, spins a supreme world of trees and greenery spreading nearby, endlessly extending blue sky ,refreshing wind that quivers the surrounding and filled with bright light. It was attempted to tie the blessings of the rich nature to daily lives and enlarge joy of living by permeating them into deep down minds.

▼屋顶鸟瞰图,aerial view of the roof

▼总平面图,master plan

▼L1户型一层平面图,1st floor plan

▼L1户型二层平面图,2nd floor plan



地址: 湖州 浙江 中国
项目主持人: 萨枫

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