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幻想概念的本体论悖论在于,它颠覆了主观性和客观性的标准对立。 根据定义,幻想既不是客观的,也不是主观的。 相反,它属于一种不可思议的现象范畴,是一种客观的主观体验。斯拉沃热·齐泽克(Slavoj Zizek)曾这样描述过这种现象:“事物的客观存在有时会跟人的主观感受有所出入。”

▼旗舰店室内一览,overview of the interior space of the flagship store ©Sunghoon, Han

The ontological paradox of the concept of fantasy lies in the fact that it overturns the standard opposition of subjectivity and objectivity. Fantasy, by definition, is certainly neither objective nor subjective. Rather, it falls under the category of an uncanny phenomenon, an objectively subjective experience described by Slavoj Zizek as “the way things actually, objectively seem to you even if they don’t seem that way to you.”

▼季节新款服装展示区,围绕着一根包裹着布料的柱子设置,the new seasonal display zone organized arround a column wrapped in cloth ©Sunghoon, Han

▼季节新款服装展示区,以镜面不锈钢墙体为背景,the new seasonal display zone with the mirror stainless steel ©Sunghoon, Han

▼季节新款服装展示区局部,space details of the new seasonal display zone ©Sunghoon, Han

▼季节新款服装展示区局部,partial view of the new seasonal display zone ©Sunghoon, Han

▼材料纹理细节,material and texture details ©Sunghoon, Han

商店的材料或冷硬、或厚重,纹理或柔软、或粗糙,构建出一种鲜明的对比,从而在这个布局紧紧的空间里营造出一种奇幻感。这种怪诞的视觉效果脱离了普遍美的幻想,冰冷且枯燥的金属块物体既是Andersson Bell的表达工具,也是商店理想价值的暗示。

▼季节新款服装展示区和基础款服装展示区,the new seasonal display zone and the basic line zone ©Sunghoon, Han

▼基础款服装展示区,依托于一面弧形墙体布置,basic line zone based on a curved wall ©Sunghoon, Han

▼室内空间局部(左),收银台(右),partial interior view (left), the counter (right) ©Sunghoon, Han

▼室内空间局部(左),天花板及照明细节(右),parial interior view (left), details of the ceiling and lighting (right) ©Sunghoon, Han

▼镜面围合而成的试衣间,the fitting room enclosed by mirrors ©Sunghoon, Han

▼试衣间奇幻怪诞的视觉效果,the fantastic visual effect of the fitting room ©Sunghoon, Han

The tight store space of Andersson Bell effectively provides a sense of fantasy through deploying dramatic contrasts within the space: between cold and heavy materials or soft and rough textures. The grotesque visual which deviates from the fantasy of universal beauty and the cold, arid masses of metal both serve as Andersson Bell’s tools for expression and a suggestion of the store’s ideal values.

▼通过隐藏在镜面不锈钢墙体上的旋转门,进入艺术家工作室(高端服装展示区),entering the artist’s room (premium line) through the revolving door in the mirror stainless steel wall ©Sunghoon, Han

▼艺术家工作室(高端服装展示区),设有镜面和大型的艺术品,the artist’s room (premium line) with mirrors and large art pieces ©Sunghoon, Han

▼艺术家工作室(高端服装展示区)局部,partial view of the artist’s room (premium line) ©Sunghoon, Han

▼旗舰店入口空间细节,space details of the entrance area ©Sunghoon, Han

▼平面图,plan ©Creative Studio Unravel

项目名称:Andersson Bell Flagship Store
设计方:Creative Studio Unravel
项目设计&完成年份:2017年 04月
主创及设计团队:Creative Studio Unravel
项目地址:38, Seolleung-ro 153-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 
摄影版权:Sunghoon, Han
合作方:Furniture: Ledongil, Artwork: Giseok, Cho, Rug: Fivecomma
客户:Andersson Bell
品牌:Ledongil Workshop / Giseok, Cho / Fivecomma

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