Alpine Noir Chalet by Casework and Keystone Architecture

A minimalist mountain house

Project Specs


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When you think of a mountain cabin; words like modern and funk don’t usually come to mind. So we jumped at the opportunity when our clients talked about their dream of a small, modern chalet as a retreat for their small family. Words like alpine, funk, and gezellig (a Dutch word that loosely translates to cozy, but more) drove the design direction.

▼小屋外立面,facade of the chalet


With a simple palette of black, white and whitewashed wood in place, we planned calculated hits of color and pattern to warm the space but also keep the focus on the high ceilings and big windows.

▼小屋室外休息区,采用白色木材作为墙面饰板,the outdoor lounge of the chalet, using the whitewashed wood as the wall panel

需要强调的是,白色木材铺设的地板、白墙、黑色的镶边修饰以及高高的天花板对一个山地住宅来说,特色十分鲜明。在设计之初,客户提到了阿姆斯特丹的国立博物馆。实际上,阿姆斯特丹这座城市就是本项目的灵感来源,也是客户的心之所向,因为他们曾在那里生活了很长一段时间。国立博物馆是一个很特别的地方。他们将一些艺术杰作的照片放在他们的官网上以供人们免费下载,故而大众可以借由这些照片来创造自己喜爱的图案。Casey Keasler就从上面下载了一张照片,通过反复的编辑和再创作,最终得到了心仪的图案。随后,建筑师将这个图案重复排列,并将其印在了地毯等织物和宜家组合式家具的表面,作为室内装饰。

▼小屋顶层的起居室全景,具有大窗户和高高的天花板,the overall view of the living room on the top floor with a large window and a high ceiling

▼起居室一角,a corner of the living room

▼起居室的沙发细节,图案来自阿姆斯特丹国立博物馆的展品照片,呼应住户以前的生活习惯,the details of the upholstered sectional, the pattern derives from the image downloaded from the Rijksstudio, responding to clients’ previous life

We needed a statement print. Whitewashed floors, white walls, black trim and high ceilings felt too stark, especially for a mountain home. Our client mentioned the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, a city that was a major source of inspiration for this project early on and a place near to their hearts (they lived in Amsterdam for a few years). The Rijks is special. The museum promotes using their masterpieces so you can attempt your own “masterpiece”. Rijksstudio makes high-resolution images of their art available for download. For free! So Casey Keasler downloaded a photo and created edited it until she had a print in place, then a repeat pattern was formed and Casey had it printed on fabric and upholstered on an Ikea sectional.

▼餐厅,白色木材铺设的地板、白墙和黑色的镶边修饰营造出一种简约的氛围,the dining room, whitewashed wood floor, white walls and black trims create a minimalist atmosphere

▼主卧室,采用黑色地板、白墙和黑色窗框,the master bedroom, using the black floor, white walls and black trims

▼主卧室细部,details of the master bedroom

▼带有双层床的次卧,bedroom with a bunk bed

▼次卧一角,屋内以黑白和浅木色为主色调,地毯的红色作为点缀,a corner of the bedroom that features a palette of black, white and whitewashed wood, and the colors of the carpet warm the interior space

Project size: 1700 ft2
Completion date: 2017
Building levels: 3
Interior Design: Casework
Architect: Keystone Architecture
General Contractor: Ethan Beck Homes

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