Alphabet Topography Typeface by Synoptic Office

Visible usage frequency of English vocabulary

Project Specs


非常感谢设计方 Synoptic Office 将项目介绍和项目图片授权gooood发行。更多请至:Synoptic Office on gooood 
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“The physical form of language is a record of collective memory. In this monotype typeface, the height of the letterforms is determined by how often a letter is used. This typeface maps the rhythmic ebb and flow of English. Each letter sits in a 6 x 6 inch square, allowing for any combination of letters to run seamlessly both vertically and horizontally.”

I modelled the letters individually in Rhino and exported sections of each letter to AutoCad and based this alphabet on word frequency as defined by the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, which interestingly enough, is almost identical to word frequency as defined by old linotype machines. I wanted a total variable of 6″ from the most often used to least often used letter, which gave each letter a height difference of .23 inches. I used architectural butter board and laser cut each letter in sections, and there was no client for this project–we developed it from a desire to explore the idea of language landscapes– visualizing language and the ebb and flow of spoken English. —– YuJune + Caspar


在剑桥大学的计算机实验中心中,设计师用犀牛软件和AutoCAD软件表达出字母的使用频率。有趣的是,字频的使用和老式打字机有不谋而合之处。这些字母最后的高差达到23英寸。激光切割建筑模型板以实体组建出这些字母。YuJune 和Caspar希望探索语言的景观—可视化的语言以及英语口语的潮流。




MORE: Synoptic Office,更多请至:Synoptic Office on gooood 

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