Beater by Ding3000

Beaters inspired by pack of straws

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德国Ding3000为Normann Copenhagen设计这款可折叠易收藏的打蛋器。



Collapsible and space-saving – Normann Copenhagen presents Beater

The German design trio Ding3000 has created a whisk for Normann Copenhagen that is sculpturesque, space-saving and functional all at the same time. Beater can be folded together, saving space in the kitchen drawer or on the wall.

Beater is inspired by a pack of straws and is gathered in the middle using a ring that functions as both an opening and closing mechanism and a hanging fixture. An everyday product with a creative and space-saving design, Beater comes in eight stunning colours.

Ding3000 explains: “We are driven by the romantic notion that a designer invents products aimed at making the world a better place. Our whisk is simple and sculpturesque in form and function and we have made it as space-saving as possible without compromising on the design.”

Beater comes in white, grey, light blue, nude, lavender, pink, mint and dark blue.

Material: Nylon Size: 33x48cm Price: Euro 14




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