Music Experiment by Frisly Colop

Experimental design about musical center

Project Specs

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Music is an art by which we can express our deepest feelings, emotions and thoughts. It is an art that can often bring memories which transport us in time to past experiences and places or spaces associated with those memories. On a global scale, we collectively and individually activate spaces around us through our physical presence and by reacting to the different experiences encountered throughout the space itself.

This experimental proposal is composed of small pavilions which activate the flow of people between one another and serve as a physical border for a larger and more central concert hall. Each pavilion is an individual system, not only by its internal circulation but also through its function and materiality, infrastructure and composition. Rotating panels are activated by the flow of people in and out of them, and a system of lighting changes occurs in response to the perceived noise level at at given time. The roof that houses the union of the pavilions, is comprised of a system of panels that opens and closes according to the conditions necessary for natural light and proper ventilation.

The intention of this proposal is not to be seen as formal composition of an architectural space, but rather as a series of experimental spaces that potentially lead to the discovery of methods by which to create a large shelter through the merging of a series of random scale parts




Designer: Frisly Colop
Postgraduate Diploma, Studio Excessive
University of Applied Arts Vienna

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