Almington Street House by Amos Goldreich Architecture

A beautiful and unique home can be created without a huge budget or masses of space

Project Specs

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Almington街道住宅是Finsbury公园中一栋维多利亚式的排屋,项目内容包括建筑侧边扩建部分及首层内部的重构和整修,主要是通过侧边加建部分扩增厨房面积,并在首层借助高效存储解决方案腾出更多的使用空间。 业主Michael 评价道:“与Amos合作非常愉快,我们对最终设计成果非常满意。从共同探讨设计理念到帮助我们寻找承包商再到项目管理,整个过程体验都非常棒。新扩建部分完全改变了我们的新家,我们非常喜欢居住在这里。”

▼重构和整修项目的主要空间概览,interior view of the main reconfiguration and refurbishment space

Almington Street House is a Victorian terraced house in Finsbury Park and comprises a side extension, as well as ground floor internal reconfiguration and refurbishment. The brief was to enlarge the kitchen with a side extension and make more space on the ground floor with efficient storage solutions throughout.“We had a great time working with Amos and are really delighted with the result. A great experience throughout, from collaboratively working on design concepts, to helping us find contractors, to project management. Our new extension has completely transformed our home and we’re so enjoying living in it.” – Michael, Client.

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing


▼扩建部分采用砖石构造,the extension is finished in brick

The extension is finished in brick, to complement the tone of the London stock brick of the existing house. Internal alterations includes a modified IKEA kitchen finished with plywood fronts with a bespoke kitchen island design. A new guest WC was added behind the kitchen. A concealed wardrobe was built into the wall of the living room to provide storage for coats and shoes. Energy efficient features, including LED lighting and new plumbing with underfloor heating in the kitchen and dining area, also add aesthetic uniformity and reduce clutter.

▼起居室,living room


A large, frameless glass window, which acts as a window seat internally, gives views to the garden from the new light-filled side extension and kitchen. The side extension is formed by resting structural timber fins, externally clad in zinc, onto the brick party wall. A large roof light brings daylight into the kitchen and improves connections between the spaces linking the front living room with the rear garden.

▼厨房区域侧边扩建部分使用翼片状木材支撑结构,the side extension is formed by resting structural timber fins

▼一扇大面积的无框窗户作为内部沿窗座位区,提供朝向花园的观赏视角,a large, frameless glass window, which acts as a window seat internally, gives views to the garden

▼砖墙上的木制收纳柜,storage shelf on the brick wall

▼厨房橱柜,kitchen cabinet


This project offered the opportunity to bring so much creative thinking to the table – we wanted to create something homely, functional, and family-orientated, but with a strong design sense throughout which really elevates the scheme from a refurbishment to a ‘transformation’. It just shows that you don’t need a huge budget or masses of space to create a beautiful and unique home. The clients were a pleasure to work with and we are so pleased to see them settling in comfortably to parenthood within their new surroundings.

▼屋顶天窗结构细节,detail of the roof windows

Project size: 50 m²
Project Budget: £200000
Completion date: 2018
Building levels: 0
Project team: Amos Goldreich Architecture

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