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This project is a complete renovation of a flat in León, Spain, for a family with 3 children. In this project, the social area separates the master bedroom from the children’s bedrooms. This way, this area acts like a distributor and avoids corridors. Moreover, as a previous area to the children’s bedrooms, we project a playroom connected with the living room-dining room with a big pivoting door, allowing the natural light to cross and bringing in amplitude.

▼社交区域,social area © OOAA Arquitectura

the social area separates the master bedroom from the children’s bedroom © OOAA Arquitectura

▼空间细部,details of the space © OOAA Arquitectura

the open black door connects the playroom to the social area © OOAA Arquitectura


white oak cabinets in the kitchen with wine cellar © OOAA Arquitectura

▼白色橡木操作台细部,white oak table details © OOAA Arquitectura

Wood is the main material in this project, as it brings warmness to the cold weather of Northen Spain. On the floor, we chose a whitish oak wood which was replicated in some custom made furniture pieces such as the library, the kitchen, a wine room, the isle of the master’s dressing room and even the master room’s ceiling. For the doors, in order to give contrast and enhance its character, we chose a charcoal coloured pine wood.

▼从卧室看向衣帽间,view from the bedroom to the cloakroom © OOAA Arquitectura

the white oak wardrobes, floors and ceilings © OOAA Arquitectura

▼衣柜细部,wardrobes details  © OOAA Arquitectura

▼首饰台,the jewelry sets © OOAA Arquitectura

▼炭色松木门,the charcoal pine door © OOAA Arquitectura

空间的装饰以中性的白、黑为主色调,营造出一种冷静、优雅的环境。避免木材的使用,既是为了突出建筑本身,也是为了凸显别致的装饰品。遵循这一理念,房间配置了黑色漆皮Pierre Jeanneret椅、用于Maison Barbier70年代灯具的钙华石、两张超细水泥咖啡桌、暗镜边桌以及定制的天然亚麻布扶手椅和窗帘。

The decoration, in neutral, white and black colours generate a sober and elegant environment, avoiding wood now so as to enhance both the architecture project and the decoration pieces.  We follow this idea by using black lacquered Pierre Jeanneret chairs, travertine stone for Maison Barbier french 70s lamps, microcement pair of coffee tables, darkened mirror side tables, and custom armchairs and curtains in natural linen.

▼主卧,master bedroom © OOAA Arquitectura

the master bedroom has natural linen curtains and fabrics © OOAA Arquitectura

▼浴室空间概览,the bathroom © OOAA Arquitectura

▼浴室一角,part of the bathroom © OOAA Arquitectura

ARCHITECT:Iker Ochotorena

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