AISG Design Project By Guangzhou Vantree Architecture Design Ltd.

Regeneration of the music hall.

Project Specs


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广州美国人学校的核心在于其给学生创造了一个不同于其他学校的,无与伦比的学习环境。广州美国人学校的核心在于使学校成为真正学习的地方,让每一个拥有天赋的学生学习和茁壮成长。—自 贝娜得·卡莫迪校长

The heart of AISG is what sets it apart from other schools,and makes it such a fabulous environment for learning.The heart of AISG is what makes it a place of genuine student learning where students can, and do, thrive. —By President Bernadette Carmody

▼改造前实景图,before reconstruction



项目概况 Project Overview


The design project of AISG includes the renovation of 499 halls, music rooms, artistic corridors and lobbies—all of which are functional for giving performances, teaching, entertainment and presentations etc. Not only has the project received a LEED Silver certification from the USGBC, but it is also the showcase standard project of AISG.

▼礼堂首层平面图,the ground floor plan of theater


布局与功能分析 Layout & Function Analysis


The decoration of the hall takes “the opening of a gift box” as the theme, featuring details from the outer facades to the interior space and ornament. It manifests the high expectations of AISG concerning the project, as well as the the teachers’ dedication in exploiting the potentials of every single child. It is a unique gift box they help their students discover and unravel; it is a milestone that leads the students to a bright future.

▼核心价值与布局分析,the core value and layout analysis


There is no good or bad student, but students are special with their own unique talents. Their gift is the best present God bestowed and exploiting their gift always brings about infinite possibilities, like opening a real box of gifts.

▼礼堂夜景实体图,the hall night scene effect picture


The designers’ team has launched a preliminary analysis, concerning the environment and building structures of AISG. For the outer façades of the hall, the designers make the utmost of geometric elements, while using GRC to break the limits of the previous wall space, and making the entire structure mysteriously illusive with LED lights that are separately hidden within. By nightfall, under the shining symbolic lights of the school, the outer structure of the building stands out as the spotlight center of the area. Constructed with folded plates, it looks very much like a gift box that awaits children’s opening. It symbolizes the exciting exploration that lies ahead, as well as hopes for a better future.

▼平面扩展分析图,extended layout analysis


The project is based on the general cultural background of the school, integrated with considerations of forms of social communications and users’ needs. For an international school with diverse culture, by using multiple changes of space forms, the designers aim to establish a public place that not only inspires the students with open-minded and inclusive spirits, but also serves as a platform for them to realize their dreams.

▼空间分析 Space Analysis


室外活动平台 Outdoor Platform


The Outdoor Platform on the entrance of the hall is made of wood. It smoothly joins the inner and outer space, and matches the materials of the instructive symbols perfectly.

▼平台上的字母装饰设计效果,letters decoration on the platform effect picture

▼活动平台实景图,platform stereogram


公共空间 Public Space


The Public Space is installed with layers for display of objects, as well as lockers and cabinets for storing. They provide to display students’ learning achievement, and make room for instrumental and artistic objects at the same time. Besides, the design of the Public Space drastically changes the simplicity of the monotonous long corridor.

▼公共空间实景图,public space stereogram


前厅 Hallway


The screen in the Hallway deeply reflects the project theme and correspondingly matches the outside layout of the building. Meanwhile, it adds to the hall with traditional Chinese Lingnan style. To better design the screen, designers tactfully mixed and rearranged both international and Lingnan-style elements. The construction of the glass screen is infused with details originated from the unique Manzhou Windows, a traditional Lingnan-style architecture. Decorated with grooved patterns, the glass screen shines as a wonderful integration of Chinese and Western culture. The design shows that AISG is not just a simple international school run by Americans, but an American international school situated in the heart of the Pearl River Delta—Guangzhou.

▼空间节点,space detail

▼前厅岭南元素玻璃窗,traditional Chinese Lingnan style of glass screen in the hallway


Despite the boundaries of limited Hallway space, Vantree’s design reaches the high standard by minimizing the use of space while maximizing its utility. The laminated stairs, for example, not only meet the need for display, but also serve as benches for resting. As you can imagine, the exchange of great thoughts, the freedom of expressions, the academic breakthroughs, all of which indicate that it is the perfect place for students, teachers and parents to communicate under a fairly relax and equal atmosphere, without restrictions and constraints.



The space under the stairs, though often considered as of little value, will be renovated by using the means of sinking and cutting, thus making the utmost of it. By doing so, Vantree’s design creates a relatively independent environment, providing an equal, opening place for the students.

▼空间节点,space detail



礼堂 Theater


Equipped with world-class specialized installations, the Theater still demonstrates the project theme with elements that match the outside façades of the building. When the students perform or display their works on stage, it will be one of the best moments in their life and one of their most appreciated memories.  



Compared to their counterparts on the outside of the building, the LED lights that are installed between the aluminum plates are more flexible, mainly because the power and color of the lights can be varied according to different shows or the change of environment. Vantree’s design effectively strengthens the spatial and artistic appealing of the Theater. By closely working with professional teams, Vantree devotes to building a platform for students to better express themselves and release their potentials. 

设计师们根据学校特色和学校环境,完成了广州美国人国际学校礼堂的室内设计项目,希望这个打开的“Gift Box”,能为广州美国人学校的师生创造出激发梦想和更好地发展未来的空间。他们打开的不是礼物盒礼堂,而是孩子的天赋与未来。

Based on the features and environment of the school, the designers have finished the interior design project of AISG. They hope that their joining efforts, the opening “Gift Box”, can genuinely inspire the students and teachers of AISG and help pave the way to a bright future. As far as we can see, what they opened was never just a gift box or a hall after all, but the gifted talent and the bright future of the children! 

▼内立面,interior elevation

▼外立面,exterior elevation


Architectural Scheme & Interior Design:Guangzhou Vantree Architecture Design Ltd.
Design General Contract:Guangzhou Pearl River Foreign Investment Architectural Designing Institute CO. Ltd.
Project Address:Kexiang Road,Science Park Guangzhou

更多请至:Guangzhou Vantree Architecture Design Ltd. on gooood 

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