A3 – Art Curator’s Rothchild Apartment by Raz Melamed Architect

A simple and modern home with the artistic atmosphere

Project Specs


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建筑师Raz Melamed在以色列生活并从事空间设计的工作。这个名为A3的公寓位于特拉维,是建筑师Melamed为一群艺术策展人设计的。

Architect Raz Melamed lives and works in Israel designing spaces. Melamed designed “A3” for clients in Tel Aviv who work as art curators.

▼从餐厅看公寓入口,入口处设有置物柜,the entrance with the shelf viewing from the dining room

首先,Melamed在公寓中解决了客户招待客人的需求。Melamed将公寓内的原有墙体拆除,以玻璃隔板作为替代,将主卧布置在了靠近育儿室的浴室附近。住户可以根据自己的需求,打开或关上厕所浴室之间的玻璃隔墙,从而为客人提供了一个优雅舒适的空间体验。公共空间的地板一直延伸到服务空间,确保了整个空间的连续性。公寓的入口处则铺设着灰色和米色的树脂地板,给人一种原始灰泥地板的错觉,创造出与其他空间统一的空间体验。室内空间自然的风格和氛围创造出一个中性的设计基础,从而不会抢走室内设计的锋芒。建筑师在公寓的主入口前摆放了沙发等家具。此外,入口处还有一个置物柜,其上摆放了陶土艺术家Ronit Berenga创造的雕塑。住户在公寓内收藏展示了一系列奢华和有趣的艺术品,而入口置物柜上的雕塑则为来访者提供了一个可以窥探到整个公寓内的艺术品风格和样式的机会。

First, Melamed addressed his client’s need for hosting guests. Melamed placed the master bedroom close to the nursery bathroom by breaking walls and installing a glass partition. The wall opens or closes between the toilet and bathroom when needed, offering an elegant solution for guests. The public space floor continues into the service area creating continuity with the rest of the house. The entrance to the house is surrounded by a gray-beige cast resin floor, which looks like plaster that has been spread on the floor leaving a uniform demeanor. The natural appearance creates a neutral base that should not overshadow the design. The furniture is positioned in front of the main entrance. Ronit Berenga created the sculptures on the shelves. These sculptures give visitors a tiny glimpse into the art that will appear throughout the apartment, which is filled with extravagant and interesting artwork belonging to the owners’ collections.

▼从入口处的起居室看餐厅,通过一根柱子将起居室与餐厅分隔开来,viewing the dining room from the living room at the entrance, the dining room is separated from the living room by a column

餐厅位于两片玻璃隔墙之间,通过一根柱子与起居室分隔开,模糊了餐厅和起居室之间的空间界面,为住户提供了一个宁静的空间。餐厅中摆放着一张白色餐桌和几把透明的塑料Kartell椅子。由Vered Aharonovitch于2011年设计的名为Girl Hystrix的雕塑被放置在餐厅和起居室之间的柱子旁。餐厅的旁边是厨房,由Lando设计的厨房中岛仿佛一件艺术品。厨房里的所有东西都融合在了一起,营造出一种适度的空间感受,使人们将视觉焦点放在中岛上。

The dining room is separated from the living room by a column and sits between two glass walls to create a feeling of standing outside despite being inside so the clients could have a quiet place. The space includes a white table and transparent plastic Kartell chairs. Vered Aharonovitch’s 2011 “Girl Hystrix” statue stands next to the column. Next to the dining room is the kitchen where the island (designed by Lando) at the kitchen’s center looks like a work of art. Everything in the kitchen comes together to create a feeling that all the planning of the space is modest and gives the island the spotlight.

▼餐厅和厨房全景,采用统一的地板,overall view of the kitchen and the dining room with the uniform floor

▼餐厅局部,名为Girl Hystrix的雕塑被放置在餐厅和起居室之间的柱子旁,partial view of the dining room with the “Girl Hystrix” statue stands next to the column between the living room and the dining room

▼位于厨房中心中岛,是空间的视觉焦点,the island at the kitchen’s center as the spotlight of the kitchen

走廊的尽头是带有独立卫浴的主卧,空间风格现代且宁静,同时享有景观视野。此外,建筑师还在主卧的墙上掏出一个洞口,作为内嵌的放置电视的空间,该空间采用胡桃木饰面,为卧室增添了些许温暖的氛围。而由Nir Hod设计的艺术品则在相邻的墙上进行展示。

At the end of the corridor is the master bedroom where a modern and calm view is maintained. A line is created in the master bedroom that continues to the adjacent bathroom. A walnut frame is hung for a TV that brings warmth into the space. Nir Hod’s artwork is displayed on the adjacent wall.

▼主卧,内嵌的电视空间采用胡桃木饰面,the master bedroom with an embedded walnut-framed TV space

▼主卧浴室,the master bathroom

▼公共浴室局部,partial view of the nursery bathroom

▼平面布置图,fixture & furniture plan

Architect : Raz Melamed
Photographer : Amit Geron

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