A two bedroom beach-side apartment by Olivia Bossy

a beach-side apartment with a sense of flowing space

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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▼室内一览,interior view

▼以白色马拉喀什石膏为主基调的客厅空间,the living room with the white earthiness of the Marrakesh Plaster as the main palette

▼嵌入式的马拉喀什石膏制成兼具座椅与花园功能的沙发,built-in Marrakesh plaster seating with an integrated garden

A two bedroom beach-side apartment standing at just 51sqm. Self taught and working across multiple disciplines to create a unified narrative, Olivia transformed the space. The Freshwater project was an exercise in streamlining existence, living small but not at the cost of a beautiful and functional space. The space felt minuscule and dark with a walled in kitchen area and a bathroom big enough for only one person at any time. The aim was to open everything up and make it an enjoyable space for a family of four. Walls were knocked down, furniture was built in to minimise clutter and the bathroom was extended into the living area in a sculptural curve, letting in as much light as possible and drawing you towards the view.

▼卧室空间,bedroom view

▼卧室中藤条和橡木的应用创造出轻盈的感觉,the rattan and oak joinery in the bedroom bring a visual lightness

通过强调材料及其重复运用方式,一种触觉的尺寸被创造出,同时呈现出空间的流动感。 从Eileen Gray的e1027住宅设计和Georgia O’Keeffe的幽灵牧场的设计中汲取的灵感,设计师将天然的材料层层堆叠使用去营造出柔和而平静的室内空间。

With an emphasis on materials and their repetition, tactile dimensions were created and a sense of flow and space prevails. Taking cues from Eileen Gray’s e1027 house and Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch, natural materials were layered to create a soft, calming interior.

▼以曲线方式设计出如同雕塑般的卫生间延伸到起居室, the bathroom was extended into the living area in a sculptural curve

作为一个海滩边上的小小公寓,其本质也就如同海滩的沙子和白色浪花的延伸物,这些环境指导了室内色调,材料的选择和设计形式,特别在淋浴室的设计上,设计师用马拉喀什石膏泥作为内部材料,并从浴室上部引导光线汇入,这一系列的设计都让居住者使用浴室时,几乎感觉就像在户外一般。其中再加入重要的环境元素如弯曲的带凹槽的浴室玻璃,和嵌入式的马拉喀什石膏制成兼具座椅与花园功能的室内家具。 这些特别的设计都在这个小小的公寓内,创造出一种独特非凡的存在感和功能感。

Being a tiny beach-side flat it became an extension of the sand and wave whitewater which is what guided the palette, material choice and forms. The shower almost feels like it’s outdoors with the earthiness of the Marrakesh Plaster and the light streaming in from above. Key elements include the bent reeded glass shower and built-in Marrakesh plaster seating with an integrated garden. These create an unusually strong presence and functionality within a tiny footprint.

▼采光充足的儿童房,children’s room with plenty of lighting

同时,设计师将海滨现代主义贯穿于设计中的方方面面。海边公寓存在于一个会遭受盐质腐烂的环境中,因此材料选择中不锈钢是必不可少的材料,同时配以藤条和橡木细木,这些均可促进室内空气流通和给予视觉的轻盈感。Olivia不希望因为家具的不合适而使得整个小小空间变得过度拥挤,所以床和桌子都是由她亲自设计来符合它们应有的功能性。装饰墙壁所用的家庭成员照片是由Gia Coppola在旧货店中发现的; 而其他家具从路边发现的大件椅子到细碎的装饰,均是集合了Borge Mogensen,Mies van der Rohe和Eileen Gray众多设计师的作品。

There’s a beachside modernism that runs through every decision made. The use of stainless steel is essential when living with salt decay, and the rattan and oak joinery allows airflow and a visual lightness. Not wanting to overcrowd the tiny space with objects, both the bed and desk were designed by Olivia as functional sculptures in their own right.Photos of family members adorn the walls as well as thrift shop finds and work by Gia Coppola; furniture ranges from chairs found by the roadside to pieces by Borge Mogensen, Mies van der Rohe and Eileen Gray.

▼储物家具,storage furnitures

▼Olivia设计的桌子,the desk designed by Olivia

▼旧货店淘出的挂画,wallpaper from thrift shop

▼藤制衣柜细节,the detail of rattan wardrobe

▼平面图,the plan

Key materials: Plaster Decor walls, Marrakesh Plaster seating and shower, Winckelmans tiles throughout, custom rattan and oak joinery.
Specialist contractors: Tadelakt Sydney, Porter and Maple Joinery
Photography: Tom Ross

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