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Frame the sea, bringing people from the reality to the imaginary world

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在THE FRAME系列中,摄影师Hiroshi Sugimoto着迷地拍下了大海的场景。在他的照片中,大海的天空如同两个厚重的体块,被一条水平线分割。公寓的设计将Sugimoto的照片刻入了建筑空间,创造了一个框住海景的房间。

THE FRAME / Hiroshi Sugimoto captures the ocean almost obsessively. In his pictures, a horizontal line separates two dense volumes; sea and sky. This flat is a Sugimoto picture carved into architecture, a room which is a frame for looking to the sea.

▼室内概览,一面为海景,overall view of the interior with sea view on one side ©Luis Díaz Díaz


The contrast when one enters the flat is disconcerting. There is a radical difference between it and the rest of the building, an example of a typical Costa del Sol block from the 70’s. From within the gaudy balusters and peeling paint, the subtraction of the room forces one to turn their attention to the distant horizon.

▼公寓所在楼房外观,external view of the building where the apartment located ©Luis Díaz Díaz

▼简洁的室内空间,simple interior of the apartment ©Luis Díaz Díaz

▼原本的室内隔墙被拆除,只留下结构柱,original partition walls are demolished, remaining the structure columns

▼简单的材料和灰色色调与原本的建筑形成鲜明对比,simple materials and gray palette contrasting with the building ©Luis Díaz Díaz

Otega y Gasset曾说过,“想象的岛屿由真实环绕……现实的墙壁必须突然终结,让人们迅速陷入艺术的虚幻之中。然而,二者之间亦需要缓冲,画框便起到这一作用。”在这间公寓里,建筑是让人能够注视艺术的画框,大海即是画框中的艺术品。

Ortega y Gasset said works of art were “imaginary islands surrounded by reality on all sides. (…) The real wall must end suddenly, radically, so we are plunged immediately into the unreal work of art. There is, however, need for some buffer. This is the frame.” In our case, architecture is the frame for contemplation of the work of art, which is the sea.

▼透过落地窗看向大海,view to the sea through the French window ©Luis Díaz Díaz

▼窗户成为连接公寓和大海的画框,window becoming the frame between the interior space and the sea ©Luis Díaz Díaz


On top of this, there is a break in the frame to separate an external terrace, and the internal space. The linoleum floor is warm and mitigates noise. Along with the acoustic ceiling panels and high efficiency window frames, the space is a quiet bubble within the building. The grey color throughout the inside contrasts with the vibrant exterior.

▼室外露台,与室内空间通过玻璃分隔,outdoor terrace, separated from the interior by the glass window ©Luis Díaz Díaz


The existing internal partitions were demolished and replaced with a single curtain rail, which snakes through the ceiling. By sliding the curtains around, one can completely change the spatial perception of the flat, making it feel much larger than its 50 square metres. A large living room, an intimate bedroom, a secondary guest bedroom, a dining area… Different atmospheres and spaces, generated by the interplay of translucent textile with itself. The ever-changing Mediterranean light is filtered as it enters the flat and interacts with the curtains.

▼滑动幕帘到不同位置可以形成不同的空间效果,slide the curtain to create different spatial perception ©EG ARQUITECTOS

▼幕帘围合出私密的卧室,private bedroom created by the curtain ©Luis Díaz Díaz

▼幕帘围合出的餐厅,dining area defined by the curtain ©Luis Díaz Díaz

▼幕帘可以在房间中滑动,形成不同区域,curtain sliding in the space, generating different areas ©Luis Díaz Díaz

▼细部,details ©Luis Díaz Díaz


By rupturing with its context, separating oneself acoustically, and turning the gaze to the views, the feeling is of being transported somewhere else.

▼黄昏和夜晚的公寓,apartment in the dusk and night ©Luis Díaz Díaz


Torremuelle. A room with a sea view
Location: Benalmádena. Málaga
Project completion: 2019
Architects: Primitivo, Ara and Noa González
Collaborators: Jessica Nieves
Photography: Luis Díaz Díaz

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