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948 ku-sha 


948 (ku-sha) is a delicate, lace-like paper. While it makes a beautiful decoration as an intricate see-through lace, this paper exhibits a completely different quality when crushed into a ball. This product can be used in a variety of ways, from interior decoration to cushioning material for gift wrapping. Whether crushed into a ball or with light filtering through, its beautiful color gradation is designed to always stand out. We invite you to find your own way of enjoying this product.




Ryu Kyu Iro

琉球玻璃内包裹着带有岛屿微风的冲绳自然元素。这些饰品中的美丽海洋和森林,是设计师从转瞬即逝的自然中捕捉到的。她希望用这种方式,来呈现冲绳的自然之美。“Ryu Kyu Iro”作品中包含了大自然的力量、复杂、和美丽。

Accessory made with Ryukyu glass, encapsulating natural elements of Okinawa with its gentle island breeze. Ever transient, the beautiful ocean and forests of Okinawa. 
We wanted to capture the nature of Okinawa and wrap it gently with its island breeze. “Ryu Kyu Iro” contains nature’s strength and sophistication, and of course, beauty.






There is an old Japanese saying that goes like this, “Water does not spoil in Bizen ware water jugs”. The “hiiro” comes in a modern 2 color design with a plain trimmed shape rarely seen in Bizen ware and its atmosphere will make you feel nature in a simple and refreshing way. “The characteristic of Bizen-yaki (Bizen ware) made in Bizen region, Okayama is found its unglazed natural texture. I was impressed by its functionality; it can make the water tastes milder when stored in it for 24 hours. So I designed a water carafe. I added organic feel to the product by adding small detail like its scratched-like patterns created by mixing gravel with the clay.”

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