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Appreciation towards Nelson Garrido for providing the following description:

葡萄牙摄影师Nelson Garrido给我们分享了这个神秘诱人的阿拉伯香水店。香水店位于科威特哈姆拉购物中心,由ARCHJS Jassim Al Shehab Architects设计。在这里你能找到合适自己的香水。店内最耀眼的元素是木片组成的宛若熏香烟雾缭绕的造型墙。这个造型元素共使用到500片激光切割木片。在这片香气弥漫之地,你的感官将被重新发现。

This store, designed by ARCHJS Jassim Al Shehab Architects, located in Kuwait’s Al Hamra Mall, is not an ordinary store. With minimal and seductive ambience, this is like a secret place, where you can find a fragrance that is treated as a treasure. One of the strongest element in the store is a wooden wall display consisting of 500 laser cut wooden pieces, designed to emulate the smoke of Arabian incense.This new fragrance house is also the best place to learn with your senses.



Architects:  ARCHJS, Jassim Al Shehab Architects (
Project name: TFK, The Fragrance Kitchen (
Location:  Al Hamra Mall, Kuwait
Project Year: 2012
Project Area: 60 m2
Photograph:  Nelson Garrido


Jassim Al Shehab  Architects have created an innovative perfume house located in Kuwait’s prestigious shopping destinations, Al Hamra Mall.  The Fragrance Kitchen, commonly known as ‘TFK’, is a thought through concept aimed to enhance the typical retail experience.

The Journey of the retail experience begins as it captivates the consumer with its minimal and discreet exterior appearance. The Signage, TFK, is extruded and backlit upon the dark façade of the entrance to create a sense of contrast to attract passing shoppers.

As the consumer walks in they are struck with the seductive, sensual, and directed ambience of the shop. They are initially drawn to the spectacular wooden wall display consisting of 500 laser cut wooden pieces designed to emulate the smoke of Arabian incense; recognized as bukhoor in the Arabic language. This wall display highlights a specific line of the products resting on a backlit surface carefully aligned under a parallel direct light.

The perfumes are elevated by a customized metal stand meeting ones eye level to enhance the interactivity level between the product and consumer.

The consumer is then further drawn towards the multimedia black mirror wall reflecting the wooden wall display. Containing 10 L.C.D screens above back lit counters showcases the more exclusive collection with each screen dedicated for each perfume.

Moreover, the plan reflects a more symmetrical layout. With the back portion divided with a wall to segregate the service area from the private area. The private area is meant to provide a more intimate experience with the customer featuring a large centered table. A brighter ambience with a softer material selection of reflective brass and backlit sheer curtains behind clear glass panels subdue the boundary space.









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