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Wake up the spatial experience of the inner feelings of the visitors

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整个空间共分为两层。我们去除了一层空间的玻璃外墙,并以卷帘代替。 通过这种处理手段将一层打开,成为公共开放空间。第一层分为两个区域:快饮区和休闲区。在快饮区内,我们精心挑选了高脚桌和高脚椅,并将它们放置离操作室较近的位置。操作室的外墙石材由白玻璃围成。休闲区的长椅紧贴墙体,与之呼应的是钢制的图像展示台,投影仪和镜子。第二层的特点是圆环。设计主旨彰显吊顶灯的独特风格,营造一处集中、环绕的空间构成。




WangJing area, Beijing, China

Coffee shops, restaurants, libraries and the likes became indubitable extensions of our own place. In this particular occasion, LATITUDE has been commissioned to explore the possibilities of combining the functions of a standard coffee shop settlement with the idea of public visual art.

The space is organized with two floors. The first floor has been opened up by erasing all its façade and, therefore, becoming an extension of the public space. Inside of it, the visitor can find two areas: the come-and-go area (fast) and the relaxing area (slow). The first one is characterized by the use of high tables and chairs next to the service area which is a longitudinal-lighting box wrapped by white glass. The slow area is designed with low tables, and an embedded bench into steel furniture all along the wall. These two areas are divided by a longitudinal-steel furniture which incorporates an orchestrate disposition of mirrors and projectors that will create a visual illusion.

The second floor is featured by its circular shape. This form has been used for the purpose of creating a centric space where lighting plays an identity role.

As a result, the coffee shop transcends the basic function of serving coffee and beverage into a public living room, while provoking visitors to have different emotions with the design of those atmospheres.







创作时间: 2013
项目类型: 委托
项目进展: 建成
业主: 北京创造力文化发展有限公司
项目构成: 550m2 咖啡厅
主创设计师: 马努•索诺撒
项目经理: 岑丽慧
设计团队: 刘博, 范田原, 占舜迪
施工方: SOK咨询有限公司

YEAR: 2013
TYPE: Commission
CLIENT: Cupone Co., Limited
PROGRAM: 550m2 of coffee shop
CHEIF DESIGNER: Manuel Zornoza
TEAM: Bo Liu, Cherry Fan, Frank Zhan
CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: SOK Consulting Service Limited





More: Latitude Architectural Group ,更多关于他们:Latitude Architectural Group on gooood 

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