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The relationship between space and landscape, public and private relationship.

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2012 年夏天,我们受邀在营口鲅鱼圈的一个海滨公园里,为万科集团设计一栋品牌展示中心。在这次设计里,我们试图解释两种关系, 一是空间和风景的关系,二是公共和私属的关系。

In the summer of 2012, we were invited by Vanke Group to design their exhibition centre in a seashore park at Bayuquan, Yingkou, China. We tried to explore 2 kinds of relationship within the design – the relationship between space and the scenery, and the relationship between public and private.


1  空间和风景


平台空间两侧和顶面围合,朝向大海完全打开。我们希望这种方向性可以将这个有限的领域和无限的风景联系起来,并在心理感受层面消解远和近,大和小之间的界限。空间界面的材料是带有漫反射的金属板,在不同的季节,天气,一天中的不同时间,它可以敏感地映射来自环境光线的颜色, 微妙地改变整体空间的氛围。面向东侧的整面穿孔墙体,像是一个记录时间的机器,随着太阳角度的变化,在空间内部演绎出不断变化的光影图案。

2  公共和私属




1 Between space and scenery

The site is flat and vast, with the endless ocean view at one side. The “height” and “distance”, consequently, becomes the key factors through the concept generating process. We set up an observatory platform on the roof of the building, where people could enjoy the maximum view of the landscape. The climbing progress from the grade level to the top platform is the indivisible prelude of the entire spatial experience. Starting with a gentle ramp, visitors will go through a preserved gingko grove, before walking into the inner space carving out of the architectural volume. After going up along a defined stair space, eventually they arrives at the top level, turning around, facing the bondless ocean in the distance.

The platform is enclosed at 2 sides and the top, but fully open to the sea. Such a directional gesture assists to relate the limited place to the endless landscape, and mentally diffuse the boundary between the near and far, small and vast. The surface of the space, made of the matt finished aluminium panel, bounces the light and colour from the environment to inside, through different season, climate, and the time of the day, subtly changing the ambience of the space. The perforated wall facing east, acting as a time machine, casts the ever-shifting pattern of light and shadow to the platform, following the course of the sun.

2 Between public and private

By establishing such a platform, we hope to build up a positive relationship between the public visitors and the program of the client’s brand presence. The platform is
completely open to the public, and the climbing ramp and stair system is independent from the interior circulation, which could avoid the interfering by each other. Following their own path, both public and private users have the chance to meet up at the platform. People could relax here, feeling the ocean breeze, taking photos with their friends and family, and being served by the brewery restaurant at the 3 rd floor. Occasionally, concerts and musicals take place at the platform at night time, making such a place as a focal point of the public activities at the seashore park.















▼草图 sketch



▼图纸 drawings






地理位置: 鲅鱼圈,中国营口
业主: 万科集团
建筑师:直向建筑事务所 Vector Architects 
总建筑师: 董功
项目建筑师: 何斌
项目成员: 粱琛,王奇峰,周志敏,王坚,MaryJaneKwan,孙栋平,徐风,杨勍
结构: 钢结构
材料:高密度树脂木饰面板,铝板,凿毛石板,竹木, 水磨石地面
面积: 2000 m2
设计周期: 06/2012-01/2013

Location: Bayuquan, Yingkou, China
Client: Vanke Group
Architect: Vector Architects
Design-partner-in-charge: Gong Dong
Project Advisor: Nan Wang, Yue Han, Xiangdong Kong
Project Architect: Bin He
Design Team: Chen Liang, Qifeng Wang,Zhimin Zhou,Jian
Wang,MaryJaneKwan,Pingdong Sun,Feng Xu,Qing Chang
Structure: Steel Structure
Material: Timber Veneer Panel, Aluminium Panel, Stone Panel, Bamboo Slate, Terrazzo
Building Area: 2000 m2
Structural and MEP Engineer: Dalian Urban Construction Design & Research Institute
Photograph: Shu He Photo, Shengliang Su
Design Period: 06/2012-01/2013
Construction Period:10/2012-05/2013

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