Pizzeria Pomidoros by Paliychuk Olga Design

Creating a comfortable atmosphere by combining different materials

The Perianth by K-studio

Inspired by the history and character of the original Art Deco building, and by the contemporary life of the ancient city in which it is located

Т4 apartment by Paliychuk Olga Design


Mi Casa Your Casa by Héctor Esrawe + Ignacio Cadena

To experience the world in unique, whole and valuable new ways

Rhike Park Music Theatre and Exhibition Hall, Georgia by FUKSAS

Periscope to the city

Teton House by Olson Kundig Architects

A home with varying degrees of transparency that can open and close in response to Jackson Hole Mountain’s changing disposition

Arter Contemporary Art Museum by Grimshaw Architecture

Experience contemporary art in a transparent and light space

Overseas NO.95: Shuo Jiang

The No.95 episode is about Shuo Jiang who graduated from Rice University and is now working for Diller Scofidio + Renfro

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        TWO BISTRO & BAR by iZ Design Studio

        The texture of the exterior carving wraps the inner quiet space and foils the rich core of the brand

        Casa Grande Hotel by Francesc Rifé Studio

        A quiet place found in an 18th-century manor house in Grañón

        THE MAGIC BOX APARTMENT by Raúl Sánchez Architects

        Gain a new spatial experience through partitions

        (上海/北京/厦门/武汉/成都/青岛)EADG泛亚国际 – (助理)建筑设计师 / 高级平面设计师 / 高级美术指导 /(高级)规划设计师 /(高级)施工图设计师 /(高级)种植设计师 /(高级)方案设计师 / 各级别景观设计师 / 建筑规划设计师 / 项目经理 / 注册暖通工程师 / 高级园林工程师 / 注册结构工程师 / 行政专员


        Church and community centre in Castel di Lama (AP), Italy by Studio Contini

        Pure and holy space

        Expo Pavilion 2.0 by MVRDV

        MVRDV to transform Expo 2000 Pavilion, revisiting a world-renowned project from the practice’s early years

        (上海)Archi-Union创盟国际 – 项目经理 / 主创建筑师 / 中后期建筑师 / 学术媒体主管 / 景观方案设计师 / 室内设计师 / 实习生等多个职位


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        Tori.s dessert shop Shanghai by NI DESIGN

        The secret garden of fantasy

        Hyperlane Chengdu, China by ASPECT Studios

        The Urban Gallery