Persone Bar and Restaurant by Plus Architecture

The Italian laneway rediscovered

L’Aire by Odace Événements + EN TEMPS ET LIEU

A place where shapes, light, and shade come together

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Selected Membrane Structure Projects

Rehabilitation of Sant Antoni Market by Ravetllat-Ribas

Preserving the Sunday Market and adding the new public spaces

Zieliński Square by SZCZ Jakub Szczęsny Gustaw

People can attach their things: hammocks, swings, ropes, planks of wood, etc.

 by Architecture bureau DA

Closed and open areas define the space structure

Taburete Tower by SZCZ (Jakub Szczęsny)

Temporary installation in frame of 5th edition of Concentrico Festival in Logroño, Spain

Consolidation of “La Remunta” barrack buildings by Ravetllat-Ribas

Bring vitality into old barracks

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        NIO x kindle “24hr Library”, China by odd

        Felt forms furniture and installation in the shape of marine life

        BROW LAB in Beijing, China by AML Design studio

        A traitor who acts in accordance with the situation

        Form follows Energy – Brian Cody’s speech on BCC

        (Only in Chinese) Improve energy efficiency of architecture in comprehensive ways.

        Nanxun Town Center Kindergarten New Site Extension Project, China by The Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhejiang University

        Three activity spaces highlight the characteristics of children

        Global projects in Bicycle Architecture Biennale 2019

        To reflect how cycling can improve urban living by contributing to a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment

        900 Ann St by John Wardle Architects

        The glazed tower and brick podium brings new life to historic precinct

        AU Dormitory by TERRAIN architects

        Walls positioned East-West maximize shade, and large openings facing South and North bring wind and light

        Portland Playhouse by SERA Architects

        Transforming the outdated building into a fully dedicated theater

        École Sainte-Anne – A new redesigned schoolyard by Taktik design

        Outdoor spaces that were stimulating and versatile

        Element Apartments by Plus Architecture

        A multi-level residential development respectfully integrated into its surrounding low-level environment