2019 ASLA Residential Design Award of Honor: Kua Bay Residence by Lutsko Associates

A journey of natural power and inspiration

(上海/北京/厦门/武汉/成都)EADG泛亚国际 – 建筑设计师 / 助理建筑设计师 / 高级平面设计师 / 高级美术指导 / 规划设计师 / 高级规划设计师 / 施工图设计师 / 高级施工图设计师 / 种植设计师 / 高级种植设计师 / 方案设计师 / 高级方案设计师 / 景观设计师 / 项目经理 / 规划设计助理 / 景观设计师助理 / 注册暖通工程师 / 高级园林工程师 / 注册结构工程师


House Olmen by Pascal François Architects

A contemporary barn-type building

CHARCOHOL Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, China by STUDIO8

When time axis & temperature axis cross

Under 35 – Shen Jianghai

Not only be different from others, but also be different from from the past self

“t Atelier” new building, Belgium by dmvA Architects

Fantastic collaboration between the client and the architect


A house with large openings designed for a family of four


The narrow building rejuvenates the urban leftover site

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        The House In Mishref, KUWAIT CITY by STUDIO TOGGLE

        Resistant to desert heat, the house is graceful and light

        International Department of Beijing Private JunYi Middle School, China by EDO ARCHITECTS

        The hazy “screen”

        Cabin Y, Belgium by dmvA Architects

        Living unit responding to sustainable design

        YU House, China by School of Architecture Hunan University

        In the form of an Yin-yang Fish

        Dongxiang Culture Center, China by CU Office

        A public building in a Chinese Islamic village

        Restoration and reconstruction of Liu Geng Tang Hall in Hongguan village, Wuyuan, China by 3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

        The New Life of a Hundred-Year-Old Huizhou House

        Vniau Office, Zhengzhou by AFFD

        Explore infinite possibilities beyond boundaries

        TOUCHING for UNIBROWN, Shanghai by Mur Mur Lab

        A brief synesthetic experience


        (Only in Chinese) Find more good jobs on gooood.

        Tower of Time, China by BIAD – ZXD ARCHITECTS

        Feel the existence and power of time and space