Apartment Tatuí by Passos Arquitetura

When the balcony turns into a city garden


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Banyan Tree Riverside Residences Bangkok by SCDA

An urban riverfront sanctuary

Pingshan Terrace: Pingshan River Nanbu Sewage Plant – public infrastructure, China by NODE Architecture & Urbanism

Rituality in daily Life

“Daydreams” School House by Cushing Terrell

Sculpture “shelter” in the ranch

BEE DUCK restaurant by HAO Design

The unique interest brought by a renewed split-level space

Elena’s House, Italy by deltastudio

The combination of volumes creates a pleasant space

CIP Innovation Campus reconstruction project by HMA Architects & Designers

Making the enormous volumes breathe again

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        DAREN YAKITORI, Chengdu by Lucky Design

        Make the night meaningful

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        Selected castle projects

        CASA R by Orma architettura

        House for an artist: dialoging with the surrounding rocks

        Atelier Villa by FORMAFATAL

        mingle with the jungle’s breath

        Mr. Barrett’s Garden, Geneva by BUREAU

        Distant mountains, close water and beautiful flowers

        The Cropland Loop Resort, China by RSAA

        A Chinese scroll painting

        Felix Stella by Lasvit + Jana Růžičková

        A new-born star sparkling in the empty hotel atrium

        The architecture incense holder by Mur Mur Lab

        An inverted roof

        Space Renovation Design for English Giraffe in Qiantan, Shanghai, China by DUTStudio

        Flowing Chapter

        House K by yoshichikatakagi + associates

        Interweaving Space Between ‘Inside’ and ‘Outside’