6th Street Arts Alley by LAA Office

A new vibrant public place embedded in fragmented parts of the city

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来自印第安纳州的多学科设计工作室LAA Office,于近期将位于哥伦布市中心的第六街改造成了一个新兴的艺术区,为休闲、社交和聚会提供了灵活的空间。

LAA Office, a Columbus, Indiana-based multi-disciplinary design studio, has transformed 6th Street in downtown Columbus into a burgeoning arts district that provides a flexible space for relaxation, social gathering, and events.

▼项目概览,General view © Hadley Fruits

在与哥伦布地区艺术委员会的合作下,LAA Office启动了一系列城市干预项目,包括公共座椅、遮阳结构和由新兴工作室设计或策展的公共艺术作品。该项目被称为“第六街艺术小巷”,它为城市提供了一个显著的视觉标识,同时也为社区成员创造了一个可以以各种方式游玩的场所。

Working with the Columbus Area Arts Council, LAA Office initiated a series of urban interventions including public seating, a shade structure, and public artworks designed and/or curated by the emerging studio. Called 6th Street Arts Alley, the project provides a strong visual identity for the city while also creating an engaging space that community members can enjoy in a variety of ways.

▼第六街艺术小巷为休闲、社交和聚会提供了灵活的空间 © Hadley Fruits
6th Street Arts Alley provides a flexible space for relaxation, social gathering, and events

在本次对第六街的干预中,LAA Office在碎片化的城市街区中引入了一片“拼缝”而成的公共空间,令原本不相干的元素彼此产生了新的关联。设计的主要内容是对1万平方英尺的街道进行改善,与当地的学生和社区志愿者共同完成大面积的地面涂鸦,并由艺术家Nick Abstract为历史悠久的Odd Fellows大楼的南立面设计新的壁画。整个作品通过“地面”、“墙壁”和“上空”三个层级来呈现,分别对应着LAA Office设计的定制模块家具套装、由Anova Furnishings设计的可移动花槽,以及一个即将建成的创新性的遮阳和照明顶篷。

In the most recent phase of the 6th Street revitalization, LAA Office introduced a swath of public space over fragmented parts of the city, so that the boundary of the patchwork produces a new bond between otherwise disconnected elements.The firm’s work includes 10,000 square feet of street improvements and the design of an extensive ground mural installed by LAA Office along with student and community volunteers, as well as the curation of a new mural on the south façade of the historic Odd Fellows building by artist Nick Abstract. A custom suite of modular furniture designed by LAA Office, moveable planters by Anova Furnishings, and an innovative shade and lighting canopy also accompany the project, creating a holistic design that exists on three planes: ground, vertical, and overhead.

Aerial view: a swath of public space over fragmented parts of the city © Hadley Fruits

▼Odd Fellows大楼南立面,The south façade of the historic Odd Fellows building © Hadley Fruits

▼地面上的几何形沥青壁画叠加在模块化座椅和花槽上 © Hadley Fruits
The geometric asphalt mural is overlaid with the modular seating and the moveable planters

LAA Office联合创始人Daniel Luis Martinez表示:“将三个不同的层面延伸为画布的想法,与我们将第六街视为户外房间的观点有着密不可分的联系。既有的城市条件已经创造出了尺度亲切的空间,我们的目标只是简单地让这些现成的边界变得更加清晰且充满活力。”

“The idea of pulling apart three distinct planes (ground, vertical, and overhead) as canvases for artistic intervention is deeply related to our understanding of 6th Street as an outdoor room. The existing urban condition already creates an intimate space in the city. Our goal was to simply make those boundaries more explicit and vibrant through site-specific artworks,” says LAA Office Co-founder Daniel Luis Martinez.

▼创作过程,Implementation © Hadley Fruits

▼整体鸟瞰,Aerial view © Hadley Fruits

Project Details:
Ground Mural: Tuff Coat Paint, Design by LAA Office, Installation by LAA Office + Student/Community Volunteers
Benches: Powder Coated Aluminum, Design by LAA Office, Fabrication by Indian Custom Fabrication, Inc.
Planters and Waste Receptacle: Anova Furnishings

Project Information:
Name: 6th Streets Arts Alley
Location: Columbus, Indiana
Completed: 2021
Type: Urban Activation
Size: 10,000 sf
Client: Columbus Area Arts Council
Funding & Supporters: Columbus Indiana Visitors Center, City of Columbus, Indiana Arts Commission Cultural District program, CREA & First Financial Bark, Heritage Fund – The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County, IU Presidential Arts and Humanities Program, IU Center for Rural Engagement and ServeDesign Center, and by individual contributions from the community.
Design: LAA Office
Design Team: Lulu Loquidis Martinez, PLA, ASLA (co-founder), Daniel Luis Martinez, NOMA (co-founder), Jess Novitski, Priscilla Rocha
Odd Fellows Mural: Nick Abstract
Photography: Hadley Fruits

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