44 Dwellings For Dlderly People in Quatre Camins, Barcelona by Ravetllat arquitectura

L-shape dwelling, generous communal spaces

Project Specs


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This new housing building is located in a singular site near Collserola, where the small scale of the domestic nearby buildings is mixed with equipments of bigger entity, combining low urban density with exceptional views and orientation. In this sense, the proposal looks for an adequate implantation to the surroundings, trying to complement the domesticity of the residential single-family fabric with the bigger dimension and scale of other pieces nearby.

▼住宅楼外观,exterior view of the dwelling building


▼住宅楼爆炸轴测图,采用了L形的造型,exploded axon of the dwellings in an L shape

An L shaped building is proposed, aligned to the streets and open towards the best orientation and views, where most of the dwellings are looking south or southeast. There’s a main core with stairs and elevators, and a secondary evacuation stair, giving access to a total of 44 dwellings, two of them adapted.

▼住宅楼外观,临街立面顺着街道的走势设置,exterior view of the dwelling building that is aligned to the streets

整座住宅楼布局紧凑,入口走廊位于北立面,形成了一个充满活力的空间。另一方面,这部分空间被划分为小块并逐渐抬升,一直通向基地的内部,在保证了南向的最佳景观朝向的同时,与周边的平台空间建立了更加紧密的联系。住宅的主入口位于立面的中间位置,使公寓空间能够尽可能地通向Quatre Camins的街道。

The volume is compacted to the street, with a north façade where corridors with entrance to the apartments are places and an energetic filter is generated. On the other side, however, it is decomposed and escalated towards the interior of the lot, gathering south orientation and making the contact with the neighboring patios more domestic. The main access is located on an intermediate bound, approaching the building to Quatre Camins street, where most of the entries to the building will take place.

▼住宅楼外观,主入口位于北立面的中间,通过室外楼梯进入住宅楼内部,exterior view of the dwellings, the main entrance and its corridor are located on an intermediate bound of north facade, with an outdoor stairs leading up to the apartment building


The adaptation to the topography allows for the creation of two big communal spaces, where elderly people will be able to enjoy open air activities. The first one, located on the first floor, is a terrace with direct relation to the garden, and the other, on the third floor, connects with the laundry and the roof, enjoying privileged views.

▼住宅楼外观,设有宽敞的公共空间,exterior view of the dwelling building with generous communal spaces


Every dwelling, with a surface of approximately 44 square meters, has a comfortable space that connects them with the exterior, ined to obtain a better protection against the wind and privacy from neighbors. Complementarily, the ceramic lattices and orientable shades work as temperature regulators and are a passive energy saving measure that increases user comfort.

▼住宅楼外观,陶瓷的格子窗和可定向的遮阳板提高了室内居住空间的舒适度,exterior view of the dwelling building, the ceramic lattices and orientable shades increase users’ comfort

▼住宅楼外观局部,陶瓷的格子窗也可以确保室内空间的私密性,partial exterior view of the dwelling building, the ceramic lattices can guarantee the privacy of the dwelling


▼住宅类型及其所处位置,typologies and locations of the dwellings

▼住宅走廊及入口轴测图,门体的上部分也可以打开,以便于配合着走廊进行对流通风,axon of the corridor and the entrance of each dwelling, the upper part of the door allows to create crossed ventilation through non acclimatized corridors

Inner organization of the dwellings allows to easily organize the program and the circulations. The registration of service installations can be made from common spaces. The dwellings are connected with the corridor with a translucent wall that gives light to the kitchen, and the upper part of the door allows to create crossed ventilation through non acclimatized corridors.

▼楼内走廊和每套住宅的入户空间,the corridor inside the building and the entrance space of each dwelling


Generally, a minimal ecological footstep and low energetic demand, compact and properly insulated (ETIS) construction is proposed that aims to approach NZEB objective. The profit of solar radiation at good orientation and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, following PassivHaus standards, allows an estimated decrease of total consume of a 75%, and an A energetic qualification.

▼住宅楼公共空间夜景,night view of the communal space of the dwelling building

▼住宅楼总平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图和剖面图,ground floor plan & section

▼住宅套内平面图,floor plan of the dwelling

Author: RavetllatRibas (Pere Joan Ravetllat, Carme Ribas)
Photographer: Adrià Goula

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