251 Clinton St. Bakery&Cafe by SHINDESIGN

An open street restaurant.

Project Specs


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The project is an American lifestyle brand bakery store located in the old district of Chengdu.Between Funan River and Wangping street,live with residential buildings.With the renewal of the city,”251″ moved from art city store to Wangping District.The store at here,can be increased the opportunity for the brand to be closer to the young people and the surrounding residents, and to interact with the community and the neighborhood.Everything is based on people and open new chapter of “251 Clinton St. Bakerly & Cafe”.

▼项目外观,appearance © 意维建筑空间


During the communication in the early stage of the project, the ownerhad more practical and real ideas on the brand definition and site selection. The project is located in a street-side residential building in the 1990s. It is integrated into the buildings and also brings new life to the residential buildings in the urban renewal project of Wangping District.The owner hopes that this is a bakery & restaurant in Chengdu that can bring people feel like American life atmosphere, an open street restaurant. It can not only serve the surrounding neighbors during all day long, but also can be popular among young people in Wangping District, the busiest district in the city today.

▼入口空间,entrance zone © 意维建筑空间

▼外立面细部,facade details © 意维建筑空间


The project is located on the first floor of a residential building.Interior  space is divided into 4 vertical windowless spaces, connected by passages. In order to protect the load-bearing structure of the building, the walls are not allowed to be dismantled or opened any new hole, and even the grooves and wires are not allowed by the property. Although the we are facing a relatively closed architectural space with demanding renovation conditions, making it free, casual, and energetic is still the feeling we strive to convey.The design team planed the function line logic for many times to ensure that the existing kitchen equipment is perfectly integrated into the newly planned kitchen area (which is also the darkest area in the original building). The other space with natural light slanting in serves as dining area and bread selling area. The spatial dynamic line presents a circular distribution, which is free and smooth, while maintaining the effective private distance between each other, striving to make space serve people and immerse themselves in space to feel comfortable and interesting.

▼面包售卖区,bread area © 意维建筑空间

▼细节,details © 意维建筑空间


The main materials of the interior are silver metallic paint, gray art lacquer, long glazed tiles and original wood floor.The selection of the material takes into account the contrast of the door header material, bring enough layers and contrast in the visual sense. Furniture in this space is mainly made of silver brushed stainless steel and transparent acrylic. The furniture and the wall surface present the silver-gray tone with different texture.Through the warm light, the sense of hierarchy in the interior are enriched, the atmosphere of space is increased, and the relationship between light and shade is also handled by using the light.so as to maintain an effective and appropriate social space in the limited space and deliver a better tolerance to people.

▼就餐区,dining area © 意维建筑空间

▼银色金属漆、灰色艺术漆、长条面釉砖及原木老地板 © 意维建筑空间
silver metallic paint, gray art lacquer, long glazed tiles and original wood floor


There are three silver walls in the project, which have decided from the beginning of the design that they must have their non-replicability and artistic performance, and also increase the difficulty of construction. It needs to melt into the space, and different from the performance of conventional silver texture, silver does not flash with enough artistic texture.

▼(左)玻璃砖,(右)釉面砖,(left)glass bricks,(right)glazed tiles © 意维建筑空间

▼银色墙面,silver walls © 意维建筑空间

▼墙面细节,details of walls © 意维建筑空间

▼不锈钢座椅,stainless steel furniture © 意维建筑空间


Combined with the characteristics of closedspace without windows, in order to make indoor natural daylight achieves an optimal condition, the cloud and glass brick is used on the wall of the hand-washing area to introduce natural light into the indoor space to the greatest extent, while also retaining the privacy and transparency of the function of the hand-washing area.

▼外观夜景,night view of appearance © 意维建筑空间

▼轴测,axonometry © 炘儒空间设计

▼平面,plan © 炘儒空间设计

▼立面,elevation © 炘儒空间设计

▼剖面,section © 炘儒空间设计


Location:Chengdu, China
Project complete:Sep. 2020
Design in charge:Sherry
Chief Designer & Team:JIALU,IAN,YILIJG
Photographer:YIWEI Architecture Space,SHINDESIGN

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