23 dwellings by Muoto

Redefining residential space.

Project Specs


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This project has as its ambition the reinvention of the collective habitat by integrating the scale and quality of the individual habitat within a dense and flexible structure.

▼项目及周边环境概览,overview © Artefactorylab


The building is designed as an aggregation of stacked villas, conveying ideas of multiple mismatched living areas in the interstices of the light facades and terraces. Its interior spaces can accommodate apartments or offices, such as ateliers. No space has a prescribed, determinate function. As a result of the precise lack of programming, it remains open to the spatial interpretations of the residents, either for life or for work. The flexibility of the structure allows for different surfaces to mingle through the play of terraces, circulation and airy loggia.

▼剖面图,居民可以根据需求使用空间,section,residents can use spaces according to their needs © Muoto

▼近景,立面由露台、交通环线和通风长廊组成,foreground,facade is consist of terraces, circulation and airy loggia © Artefactorylab

▼通风长廊链接高低不同的体块,airy loggias connecting two blocks of different height  © Artefactorylab

▼细节,details © Artefactorylab


On the interior, the reversibility is as spatial as it is prescribed. It passes through a reinterpretation of the technical and urban rules that tend to fix architecture in place and compartmentalize activities, in order to maximize the independence and freedom of the residents. Each unit possesses its own facade, and these spread over the entire building like variations of a rational catalogue, a series of architectural phrases whose invisible grammar was thoughtfully drafted.

▼模型展示,models © Muoto

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan © Muoto

Program:23 residences, co-working spaces and public and business premises
Client:Kaufmann & Broad
Area:1 989 m²
Web Site:http://www.studiomuoto.com

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