2019 Bi-City Biennale Of Urbanism – Architecture Yantian Sub-Venue – Installation And Exhibition Design by Rito RUA + Studio Paola Viganò

City of Streams

Project Specs


非常感谢 朗图建筑RUA(联系邮箱:rua@rito.cn)+ Studio Paola Viganò 予gooood分享以下内容。更多关于:Rito RUA on gooood + Studio Paola Viganò on gooood
Appreciations towards Rito RUA (contact: rua@rito.cn) + Studio Paola Viganò for providing the following description:


The theme of the Shenzhen Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture (UABB) Yantian Sub-venue is “ City of Streams”. The exhibition is located in Shatoujiao Bonded Zone. Indoor exhibits are located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor in Building No.8 while outdoor exhibits occupy the space between the West Gate and Building No.8 as well as the surrounding pedestrian areas.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view © DUO建筑影像 卓泓铎


▼展场剖面透视图 ,perspective view of the exhibition hall © DUO建筑影像 卓泓铎

▼室外展场轴侧图,axis side view of outdoor exhibition hall © 朗图建筑RUA

As an interpretation of the exhibition theme ‘City of Streams’, the architectural installation “Multi-Streaming” attempts to visualize the invisible urban ‘streams’ through lines. The components of the installation are inspired by the common materials found in the Bonded Zone. The lines of ”Stream” on the ground guide visitors’ footsteps upon entering through the west gate and leading them to Building No.8,while the lines continue to run up the building along the facade. Street furniture located on both sides of the lined paths is made with wooden pallet, activating the public space of the Bonded Zone.

▼户外装置概览,outdoor installation © DUO建筑影像 卓泓铎

▼从大楼内侧看向装置,view from the building to the outdoor installation © DUO建筑影像 卓泓铎


▼户外装置轴侧分析图,axial analysis of outdoor equipment © 朗图建筑RUA

The pavilion at the entrance of the exhibition space, constructed with scaffolding structure, forms a permeable space where visitors can have a break, and outdoor activities of the exhibition can also take place. It acts as a “urban living room” in the Bonded Zone that accommodates various upcoming exhibition events.

▼装置鸟瞰,aerial view of the installation © DUO建筑影像 卓泓铎

▼入口凉亭,the pavilion at the entrance of the exhibition space © DUO建筑影像 卓泓铎

▼凉亭内部,inside the pavilion © DUO建筑影像 卓泓铎

▼凉亭细部,pavilion details © DUO建筑影像 卓泓铎


▼二层室内展厅轴测图,axonometric drawing of the second floor indoor exhibition hall © 朗图建筑RUA

The idea of the interior exhibition space underlines the industrial characteristic of the space: most of the motted concrete walls and pillars remain in place; traces of previously removed partitions are covered by sand which unifies all the space with the aesthetics of roughness, reminding visitors of the sandy beaches of Yantian. The sanded paths within the space are paved for visitors wandering through the labyrinth of exhibits, while connecting the parts as a whole. The bases, stands, and all the other objects are in simple white geometric forms. The scale models, panels, LED screens etc., are suspended in the air. The design creates a transparent exhibition space, with minimal and rough elements emerging with a soft rhythm giving a unique experience of the exhibition.

▼室内展厅,interior exhibition hall © DUO建筑影像 卓泓铎

▼室内展厅极具工业空间的特色,the indoor exhibition hall with the characteristics of an industrial space © DUO建筑影像 卓泓铎

▼悬吊在空中的电子屏幕,electronic screen hanging in the air © DUO建筑影像 卓泓铎

▼户外装置立面图,outdoor installation elevations © 朗图建筑RUA

部分二楼: 宝拉维嘉诺工作室(宝拉维嘉诺、章勤一、Gianluca Masiero)
项目设计 & 完成年份:2019年
建筑室内展场面积:3500m²、室外布点面积达:6500 m²
摄影版权:DUO建筑影像 卓泓铎、朗图建筑 RUA

Design:Rito RUA、Studio Paola Viganò
Outdoor、1F、Part 2F 、3F: Rito Urban Associates(Franci Feng,Tommi Zhou,Dao-Ming Chang)
Part 2F:Studio Paola Viganò(Paola Viganò、Qinyi Zhang、Gianluca Masiero)
Design year & Completion Year:2019
Leader designer & Team:Rito Urban Associates(Franci Feng、 Tommi Zhou、Dao-Ming Chang、Hang Huang、Jialiang Tan)
Project location:Building No.8, Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone, Yantian District, Shenzhen
Gross Built Area (square meters):indoor exhibition area 3500m², outdoor exhibition area 6500 m²
Photo credits:DUO Architectural Photography、RITO RUA
Clients:CR Culture & Sports,China Resources Culture and Sports Development Co,ltd

More:Rito RUA (contact: rua@rito.cn) + Studio Paola Viganò

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