1978 Cultural Creative Park Office, Guangzhou By LAD Design Agency

Use our eyes to find time in this office designed from an old factory.

Project Specs


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A three-floor old workshop near to the river is the old location of Zengcheng paper making factory. LAD completes an entire renovation on this building. Now, it is 1978 Cultural Creative Park Office. Seen from the external street, large pieces of irons veneered at the entrance catch people’s attention.In order to buffer the noises from external street, the front desk space is cleanly designed. Visitors may stay at this area for a small while or walk upward along the staircases naturally.

▼大片铁质材料运用于设计中吸引人的注意,large pieces of irons are used in the interior design to catch people’s attention


The zigzag staircases connect the whole office smoothly, behaving like the branches out of old workshop and forming strong but not prominent modern sense.

▼曲折的楼梯贯穿办公空间,the zigzag staircases connect the whole office smoothly


Round light bundles lead people to focus on the prettiness of staircase textures like the spotlight on stage and also help people move forward to explore deeper space like a guide.

▼光在室内景观中产生了重要作用,the light plays an important role in the interior design


Hanging lights are concise combination of stretched straight lights, being a perfect supplement of changing and dramatic natural lights, balance and buffer the space, stabilizing the changes of lights and shadows.

▼吊灯是利落的直线拉伸组合,hanging lights are concise combination of stretched straight lights

▼楼梯扶手隐藏灯光设计,the lights are hidden in the handles


The board office on the 3nd floor is relatively prevented from being interfered while the connection by rotational staircases to the 2nd floor facilitate work. People interact, communicate and linger in the space, naturally and comfortably. The opening space in the 2nd floor is concise without excessive overlapping changes, giving people a broad horizon and countless new ideas.

▼开敞的空间规划,the open layout


The reserved old stone seats arouse people’s association with local culture. The sunshine from roof window projects on the old stone seats in the middle, changing and flowing as time passes. The roof window and old stone seats are like a stage performing the time flow.From sunrise to sunset, one day by another, rough stone texture is touched by sunshine . People seem to have associate the past history of this land as long as one day, one year, one century or longer.Windows are designed as wide and not blocking visual lines as possible. Since beautiful urban scene is the best decoration for a space. People can enjoy the endless river views outside of the windows to the largest degree and be pacified by the slow and tranquil river.

▼被保留的旧石墩于空间中展现时间的变化,the reserved old stone presents the changing of times


Dark brown materials on the iron staircases will fade over time and people can see the growth of such texture. If time can be contoured, it may be a rich, abstract and free shape like this. The round openings of different sizes on the roof make sunlight play along the staircases to use external light to the largest extent.

▼材料的运用让空间更具质感,the use of materials enhance the sense of the space



The old walls are only varnished simply and show their original features. Transversely and longitudinally stretched hanging lights break the framework in visual space, enriching space layers. It is a perfect damage. Old and modern times are overlapped in this space, which acts like the life sprouting from the land and grows slowly as the time river flows.

▼建筑的旧墙体只进行了简单的清漆处理,依然呈现本来面貌,the old walls are only varnished simply and show their original features


项目设计:李京烨 李超熊 李志华 潘应权 梁敏珊 朱晓伟
2016 IAI 全球创意设计大奖 | 最佳设计大奖
2016 APIDA 亚太区室内设计大奖 | 银奖
2016 APDC 亚太室内设计精英邀请赛 |杰出设计奖
2016 CIID 中国室内设计奖 | 银奖
2017 IF 设计奖 | 室内建筑设计奖

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