18 JUILLET Apartment, Paris by Ubalt Architectes

Creating a feeling of floating for small space with mirrors

Project Specs


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Rehabilitation of a 62 square meters apartment in Paris XXe. Located on the 8th is top floor of a building from the 70s. This crossing plateau is swallowed by his context and the double view from which it benefits.

▼公寓概览,overview of apartment © Yohann Fontaine

▼起居空间,living space © Yohann Fontaine


A maximum of space is dedicated to the kitchen stay extended by a terrace. A compact dressing core blindly serves bedrooms and shower room

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing © Ubalt Architectes

▼厨房,kitchen © Yohann Fontaine


The layout highlights the crossing aspect of the tray: Kitchen, table, bench are located in the north / south axis while the closion facing the view is covered with mirrors accompanied by an iridescent curtain. There is no horizon line in this apartment drowned in pink soil. Walls and floor are linked and confused: by the blades of mirrors, by the choice of full height doors by a bench extruded from the floor thus accentuating a feeling of floating.

▼柜体面板上铺有镜子,并装饰有荧光色的窗帘,the closion covered with mirrors and accompanied by an iridescent curtain © Yohann Fontaine

▼地板上凸起的长凳,bench extruded from the floor © Yohann Fontaine


Only the long central blue table, a link between the two facades, seems to anchor the apartment on the floor.

▼公寓中央蓝色的餐桌,central blue table © Yohann Fontaine

▼公寓装饰细部,detail of decoration © Yohann Fontaine

▼连接卧室的走廊,corridor towards bedroom © Yohann Fontaine

▼卧室,bedroom © Yohann Fontaine

▼浴室洗漱空间,wash area in bathroom © Yohann Fontaine

▼平面图,plan © Ubalt Architectes

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