105 ltr Formen by Fabio Vogel

Beauty of uncertainty.

Project Specs


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The idea of creating objects out of fabric covers, shows, what is possible if you combine handcrafts with new technology. The base of this work has always been the experimental approach. The subject of the project was to create something new, using the power of the element fire as a designer – with all its destroying but also creative strength. The experiments aimed at applying fireproof textiles to other areas of use. The work does not only show the development of new production technologies but also points out another important aspect for successful innovation processes: allowing blurs. A further essential characteristic of this work is coincidence. When manufacturing objects made of textiles, you need to face constant changes. Every object is a unique copy. Even if the pieces are sewed accurately, they will turn out differently, due to temperature and size. You can can only influence deformation to a certain degree, as the process implies variance.















Photo Credits: Fabio Vogel
Glass Maker: Peter Kuchinke
Material: Glass/ Fireproof Fabric

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