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The project is located in Meilin , Futian District, covering an area of about 16,000 square meters. Meilin is the old district of Futian District in Shenzhen, The area around Zhongkang Park used to be zhongkang glass factory and Zhongkang living area, With the development of the city, the original glass factory has been upgraded to a prosperous commercial complex, but the surrounding area has still retained the simple residential areas.

▼项目概览,overall view of the project


In order to create the ideal community park, the design team conducted detailed research, evaluated the existing resources of the site, and archived the positive resources. Design team hope to interact with the residents of the community and jointly design an ideal park belonging to the old community. Combing the space and thinning the space properly to form a better urban interface and create a positive space experience that is easy to import.

▼总平面图,site plan


Keep good litchi trees and main flowering trees, reduce poor growing trees, and clean the lower layer of aging ground and shrubs. The upper layer is planted with plum blossoms, while the lower layer is planted with flowering, colored leaves, shade tolerant ground and lawn, creating a landscape of open forest and grass and flower border.

▼项目鸟瞰,保留原有的荔枝树,aerial view of the project preserving the existing litchi trees


Before modification, the entrance has high sealing degree and poor accessibility. After the transformation, the sense of identity of the entrance image was strengthened and the frontage forms a better landscape display surface. Respecting the status of plants, the design retains the site’s most valuable treasure.

▼改造后的入口空间看向公园,view to the park from the renovated entrance space

▼入口形象标识形成临街景观展示面,the entrance forming a better landscape display surface


Zhongkang Park was built in the early 1990s. Over the years, the infrastructure has been damaged, leaving 56 litchi trees and several big trees on the site. At the beginning of the design, the designer returned to the site for detailed surveying and mapping, and retained the litchi forest as a whole, and rechecked the points of the key trees. After thinning lychee forest and remolded terrain space, forming a forest grassland atmosphere, more refreshing. The venue under the Litchi Forest retains the jacaranda to combine with the structures.The design fully combines the current situation, and the layout of space and facilities should be based on the existing plants to borrow scenes as far as possible. Due to the situation, make reasonable use of the characteristics of the site to create a rich level of platform park.

▼丰富的台地公园空间,rich platform park

▼荔枝林下的活动场地,activity space under the litchi trees

▼与绿化结合的台阶,steps combining with plants


As a platform park with a large elevation difference, we have improved the barrier-free transportation system and built jiuqu Flower Street according to the local conditions, which better combines the geomorphological features and design of the site. The memory of the site is continued and the cultural elements unite the community. To continue the memory of the site as the principle, respect the site attributes, excavate the cultural characteristics of the park.

▼九曲花街,无障碍交通系统,Flower Street providing barrier-free transportation system

▼顺着地势弯曲的路径,winding path corresponding with the landscape

▼道路细部,closer view to the path

▼被保护的树木,preserved trees


Use plum blossom elements, planting and other design methods to show the unique plum culture of Merlin; Use glass blocks and other materials to continue the memory of Zhongkang glass factory. Rich activity space organization, strengthen community residents to participate in the park design interaction. Enhance the sense of belonging to the park.

▼公园中的活动场地,activity space in the park

▼使用梅花元素的座椅靠背和隔断,benches and screens using plum flower element


The renewal and renovation of Zhongkang Park is a good illustration of how to find the most suitable regeneration mode for community parks under the background of urban renewal of major demolition and construction. Fundamentally solve the use function of community residents, reasonable use of the site positive factors, suitable for the integration of cultural deposits. In a real sense, the old park can be revitalized to create a link to the old community – the ideal park.

▼公园中的丰富活动,rich activities in the park


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