YuanQi Dental Clinic, Chengdu, China by Woodostudio

Weaken the boundary to form a unique future space

Project Specs


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As an experiential clinic, YuanQi Dental Clinic extracts the essence of the format, transforms the design perspective and thinking, breaks the previous stereotypes of traditional dental clinics, and interprets the brand’s vitality and artistic atmosphere with structural aesthetics from a new perspective. The concept of design comes from photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a unique life phenomenon of plants. It makes the natural world full of vitality. In the “factory” of nature, through the organic cycle of cell bodies and other substances, a balanced ecological environment is formed. The core concept of the brand itself is also the main idea of ​​using cell regeneration as the space and VI.

▼空间概览,overall view of the space ©yuuuun studio


According to the building conditions, the plane moving line considers the high-rise building of Chengdu IFS Center, but the daily light is relatively weak. It is hoped that the idea of “cell core” can let the sunlight  illuminate the internal epidermal space and run through the whole public passage. According to the concept of “photosynthesis”, we hope to add more spiritual connotation to the space, combine the function and commercial attributes of the space, and create a vibrant natural space with light, energy, balance and other elements, just like being in a fresh aerobic space to achieve a balance between body and mind.

▼入口与装置结合,entrance and installation ©yuuuun studio


The 3D printing art installation at the entrance, combined with the technological advantages of 3D printing braces as the main core, makes use of the innovative display method of materials and space, which gives freshness and gives the rhythm of space flow.

▼结合品牌输出的3D打印艺术装置,3D print art installation combined with the brand ©yuuuun studio

▼后勤操作区暗门,hidden door to the service area ©yuuuun studio


We wanted to provide a variety of usage scenarios, to create a clear functional and aesthetic space.Large areas of acrylic were used in the design, and different lights were used to soften the whole space, thus creating a clean and soft fuzzy atmosphere.

▼亚克力创造出模糊的空间氛围,use acrylic to create a fuzzy atmosphere ©yuuuun studio


The space is divided by color, with blue as the Shared space and pink for the functional space. The visual connection is increased. The concise and natural space is displayed through modern and concise architectural techniques and material language, as to create a more comfortable feeling for users who move through the space. A large number of colored mirror stainless steel in the space enhances the sense of extension of the space, the boundary of the wall is deliberately weakened,  forming a unique future sense .

▼镜面和各种材质的互动,interaction between mirrored materials and other materials ©yuuuun studio

make-up area like suspending cell nucleus ©yuuuun studio

corridor and treatment room ©yuuuun studio


The furniture use light and transparent materials to highlight the simplicity and practicability of the space. When entering the space with clear moving lines, visitors can quickly pay attention to the space itself.

▼休息区灯光设计,light design in the resting area ©yuuuun studio

▼家具细节,details of the furniture ©yuuuun studio


The existence of people corresponds to space, which is also an independent molecule. We realize energy conversion in space, with the purpose of achieving the balance between people and space, so that space can really play its role.

▼轴测图,axonometric ©Woodostudio

▼平面图,plan ©Woodostudio

▼立面图,elevation ©Woodostudio

设计方:木斗设计 Woodostudio
设计团队:Elise 小康
摄影版权:yuuuun studio

Project Name: YuanQi Dental Clinic
Design: Woodostudio
Website: www.woodostudio.cn
Contact e-mail: info@woodostudio.cn
Design & Completion Year: Oct-20
Leader Designer & Team: David , Elise,Xiao Kang
Project Location: IFS center ,36F,Chengdu
Gross Built Area: 176㎡
Photo Credits: yuuuun studio
Clients: Shuhu science and technology
Materials: Cement paint, Acrylic, Drawing stainless steel

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