Yorkton Workshops by Cassion Castle Architects

A real-world lab built for an industry-leading design office

Project Specs

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在Pearson Lloyd与Cassion Castle建筑事务所的合作下,一座原本处于荒废状态的维多利亚式建筑重获新生,成为了一座充满活力的现代设计工作室。自此,Pearson Lloyd这一行业领先的设计公司在伦敦哈尼克区的中心地带拥有了新的永久家园。

Thanks to the vision of Pearson Lloyd and Cassion Castle Architects, what was a dilapidated Victorian block is now a dynamic modern studio, giving Pearson Lloyd a new permanent home in the heart of Hackney for their industry-leading design office.

▼项目概览,overall view © Taran Wilkhu

▼建筑外观,exterior view © Taran Wilkhu

▼项目由两座建筑改造而来,Pearson Lloyd’s new design office unites and repurposes two existing buildings © Taran Wilkhu


Spread over two storeys and two wings – a historic workshop building and a more recent warehouse structure – Yorkton Workshops encompasses a variety of spaces, including versatile studios, workshops for making and prototyping, meeting rooms and a dedicated area for exhibitions and events.

▼入口楼梯,staircase at the entrance © Taran Wilkhu

▼交通空间,circulation © Taran Wilkhu

新的工坊令Pearson Lloyd得以在五年以来首次将办公空间、工作室和设计档案馆整合至一个统一的地点。灵活的空间和开阔的尺度,对于创造有效且符合隔离需求的工作场所有着十分积极的意义。Pearson Lloyd的工作团队约12-16人,而建筑本身可最多容纳30人;全新的工作台布局方案也让远程工作和小组协作变得更加容易。

The new studio has enabled Pearson Lloyd to consolidate its office, workshop and design archive onto a single site for the first time in five years. This flexibility, coupled with the sheer size of the building, have proved hugely beneficial in the creation of an effective socially distanced workplace. Pearson Lloyd’s team of 12–16 people are now spread throughout a building with scope for up to 30. They have developed new desking solutions in-house that make working and collaborating at a distance easier.

▼新建筑的尺度让工作室的设计团队能够灵活选择适宜的办公环境,The scale of the new building and the variety of spaces it offers allow Pearson Lloyd’s design team to choose environments that suit their present mode of work © Taran Wilkhu

▼工作室空间随时可以对办公家具原型进行测试 © Taran Wilkhu
The studio space at Yorkton Workshops allows Pearson Lloyd to test future workspace typologies

▼室内细节,interior details © Taran Wilkhu

作为办公家具和系统设计领域的佼佼者,Pearson Lloyd希望拥有一个足够开阔的、可以允许他们进行大规模设计实验的场所,犹如一座将理想变为现实的大型实验室。约克顿设计工坊正是Pearson Lloyd践行其设计理念的理想场地,通过选用自己设计的家具系统,公司对于“人、场所与产品”的长期思考也得以真正实现。

As one of the leading studios in the design of workplace furniture and systems, Pearson Lloyd wanted a space at a scale where they could road-test new design concepts, prototypes and workspace solutions at scale – a real-world lab for their ideas. Featuring a number of their own furniture designs, Yorkton Workshops is in effect the realisation of Pearson Lloyd’s own thinking about ‘People, Place and Product’ – designed workplace strategy in action.

a real-world lab for the team’s ideas © Taran Wilkhu


To ensure optimal insulation, all retained elements of the external envelope, including the concrete ground-bearing floor slabs, were upgraded to modern standards and new roofs were added throughout. Natural cross-ventilation prevents overheating, whereas north-facing window openings and -east -and south-facing roof lights with integral blinds reduce solar gain. The need for air-conditioning has been overcome by the inclusion of naturally cooling exposed-masonry walls. Low-energy lighting has been installed throughout – powered with renewable energy supplied by a photovoltaic array on the roof.

▼裸露的石砌墙壁具有天然的降温作用,the naturally cooling exposed-masonry walls © Taran Wilkhu

▼室内细节,interior details

最终的建筑按照构想实现了形式与功能的匹配:更偏向住宅尺度的维多利亚式体量得到了适当的调整,可以容纳会议室和活动室等更加私密的空间;而更加开放的、建造于20世纪的工厂车间则用作Pearson Lloyd工作室的主要空间。中央入口大厅设有定制的钢质楼梯,深红色的涂漆立刻就能吸引来访者的目光。随楼梯进入二层,工作室和会议室拥有挑高的天花板,显得十分宽敞。室外花园和屋顶露台连接了建筑的两翼,同时也维系着不同的功能与年代。

The finished building imaginatively matches form to function. The domestic-scale Victorian part has been adapted to house more intimate studio activities such as meetings and events, whereas the larger and more open 20th-century factory wing holds the Pearson Lloyd workshops and primary studio space. A central entrance lobby holds a bespoke industrial steel staircase painted bold red, which grabs the eye from the moment of entry. This leads up to the first floor studio space and meeting areas – generously spacious thanks to raised ceilings – and to an outdoor garden and roof terrace that act as a bridge between the building’s functions and eras, allowing the two wings to be read as distinct but connected.

▼维多利亚式体量内的空间给人以亲切的感觉,The Victorian wing is more intimate in nature © Taran Wilkhu

▼会议和活动空间,meeting and event spaces © Taran Wilkhu

▼屋顶露台,toof terrace © Taran Wilkhu

▼入口和屋顶空间,entrance & terrace level © Taran Wilkhu

▼从屋顶平台望向楼梯,view to the stairs from the roof terrace © Taran Wilkhu

▼楼梯细节,staircase details © Taran Wilkhu

▼建筑夜景,building night view © Taran Wilkhu



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