Yerbal 2, Argentina By Carbono Atelier

From vibrant and stimulating space to a calm atmosphere.

Project Specs


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In this project, the client is a contemporary woman, full of strong contrasts; with an innerself full of fabulous nuances.Thus, she entrusted us with a home that could accommodated several friends gathered together, but also that could be adapted to her individual moments.She asked for a vibrant and stimulating space, that could also contemplate a calm atmosphere where she can relax after a long day. The challenge was to generate a project that would find its richness in the gradual transitions and not in the strong contrasts.A space of subtle stimulation that could make a transition from one use to another. Working especially with the sense of touch, sight and smell; we managed to blur the boundaries between different uses and spaces. 

▼活泼灵动又安静沉稳的私人公寓, a vibrant and stimulating space that could also contemplate a calm atmosphere


The contrast of the wall texture indicate, according to their height, the type of activity that will occur on that area.At times, the brick only reaches low heights, less than 40cm: and the people ́s desire is to rest and sit. At times, the rustic base reaches 70cm, accompanying the daily height of eating and work. To emphasize the change of texture, we decided to work the set in a single shade: white. Not to divert attention, but on the contrary, to highlight the roughness of each surface. 

▼休息区墙壁底部铺砖40cm,the brick reaches less than 40cm in the place to rest and sit

▼餐厅墙面底部铺砖70cm,the brick reaches 70cm in the dining room

▼工作区墙面底部铺砖70cm,the brick reaches 70cm in the working  space

▼不同的墙壁处理方式,different ways of dealing the wall surface


The use of colour was reserved for the different textiles that dress the space. Velvet, linen and canvas.The change of colour in textiles, induces different sensations.The green tones in the vertical cloths, lead to a relationship with the outside landscape, covered by a variety of tones and plant species. The horizontal surfaces seek, contrarily, tones that you can only find inside the house; pink and orange tones, which bring the warmth associated with calm and comfort. The colours and tones were achieved by hand dyeing, with different techniques seeking for the right ones for our space. 

▼善用彩色纺织装饰,the use of color is reserved for the different textiles that dress the space

▼绿色壁挂引人联想室外景观,the green tones in the vertical cloths, lead to a relationship with the outside landscape

▼粉色和橘色的地面色调令室内空间拥有安静和舒适的氛围,pink and orange tones bring the warmth associated with calm and comfort


We use materials of strong aromatic personality to stimulate the sense of smell.Local woods like Petiribí and Paraíso used in handles, light switches, lamps, siding and furniture. We also used argentinian leather and wool on the central carpet of the place. In the dining area, we decided to create a vibrant area. An extra-large Philippine lamp made of shells, that sounds with the movement of the diners or the blowing of the wind, when the windows are open.In contrast, in the living area, we used absorbent materials, such as cork and fabrics for a calmer acoustic environment.

▼室内消音软木材料创造安静氛围,use absorbent materials for a calmer acoustic environment

▼木质开关,the wood light switch

▼大理石桌,marble table

▼木质把手,the wood handle

▼超大的菲律宾贝壳灯随着用餐者或风一起发出声响,the extra-large Philippine lamp made of shells sounds with the movement of the diners or the blowing of the wind


We worked with the sense of sight, with the aim of expanding a reduced space with visual sieves.We decided to use fabrics as translucent screens, which would allow us to configure the space in different ways: when the screens are open they are veils; and when they are closed act as tapestries. 

▼利用垂挂织物营造不同空间,use fabrics as translucent screens





Finally, we achieved a space that generates one of the most important things for us: a client that can develop daily in different ways through their home, but always in a pleasurable way. 

▼改装前后对比图,comparison before and after

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