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The magnetic field of business and the salute of craftsmanship

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As a renowned decoration and construction enterprise in domestic, Yasha Group chose to build its new headquarters in Zhijiang National Tourist Holiday Resort in Xihu District of Hangzhou, and expects its building character to resonate with its enterprise image.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view © 是然建筑摄影


▼项目区位图,location map © GOA

▼体量研究,volume analysis © GOA

The site has a length-width ratio of nearly 2:1 (east-west direction as the length). Based on a comprehensive analysis of surrounding environment, enterprise management model and client expectations, the architect wishes to not only meet the management requirements of enclosed headquarters but also create a rich and free courtyard office space.

▼项目概览,overview © 是然建筑摄影

东立面,east facade © 是然建筑摄影


▼概念发展,concept development © GOA

▼概念剖面,concept section © GOA

To satisfy the demand for function-based partitioning, the headquarters building is divided into four 12-story main office buildings, with commerce and exhibition halls arranged in the two bottom layers. The partially partitioned design not only enhances street-front interfaces, but also connects the public spaces in the park, thus creating a multi-layer complex space with transparent sightline and controllable management.

▼四栋12层的办公主楼,there area four 12-story main office buildings © 是然建筑摄影

叠盒子:线、面、体,stacking boxes: line, surface, body © 是然建筑摄影


▼最初的功能规划,initial functional plan © GOA

▼通过加强人在视线上的感知来达成一种 “联结感”,to achieve a sense of “connection” by enhancing people’s perception of sight © GOA

To address the problem of the long and narrow shape of the site, the architect chose to shift the lobbies in the east, south and north towards the courtyard, so that the long side of the site is reasonably segmented and a landscape corridor connecting north-south office functions is added. In this way, a courtyard created by opposite north and south exhibition halls divides the entire park space into east area and west area, making the space far more intriguing. Combined with the landscape corridor and sunken courtyard, the internal courtyard is also partitioned into a series of spaces of variable dimensions.

▼景观连廊,a landscape corridor © 是然建筑摄影

▼下沉庭院,sinking courtyard © 是然建筑摄影

▼大楼入口,entrance of the building © 是然建筑摄影


▼幕墙立面开启扇及细部做法,opening fan and detail method of curtain wall facade © GOA

▼门厅玻璃肋使用极小勾边,the glass ribs in the hall use very small hooks © GOA

The design of architectural details also reflects Yasha’s pursuit of after craftsmanship and technologies as a construction enterprise. With its concise style, elegant proportion, quality material and ingenious component, the architecture itself is perfectly integrated with the client’s brand image.

▼办公门厅内部,inside the foyer © 是然建筑摄影

▼内部庭院与走廊,indoor courtyard and the corridor © 是然建筑摄影

▼立面图,elevations © GOA

▼剖面图,section © GOA


Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
GFA: 180,000 m2
Design Period: 2011-2017
Photography: Shiran Architecture Photography

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