Yabakei Tunnel Hotel by Fumihiko Sano Studio

Temporary recreational installation in the tunnel

Project Specs


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The “Yabakei Tunnel Hotel” project is an event where visitors can relax and dine inside of a newly completed tunnel in Yabakei, Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture.

▼项目概览,overall view of the project © 谷知英


Oita Prefecture has the largest number of tunnels in Japan with the Kakuma Tunnel, which has been selected as the location for this event, becoming the longest in Oita Prefecture at about 3 km. The tunnel began construction a while ago, but since it was not connected to the main public road, it continued construction it was not used as a huge space.

▼周边环境,surrounding environment © 谷知英


The event was initially planned as a means for people to experience various aspects of the local Yabakei region while spending time in a tunnel which had been in construction for about 15 years.

▼隧道里的临时性休闲建筑结构,The temporary leisure structure in the tunnel © 佐野文彦

▼由隧道内看向出口,viewing the exit from the inside of the tunnel © 佐野文彦

▼木制框架临时性结构,Wooden frame temporary structure © 佐野文彦


A temporary structure made of cedar grown in the local suburbs and a table made of oak trees over 200 years old that grew in a nearby temple were used to create a space for dining and relaxation. While guests enjoy the food and drinks, the DJ plays music which creates an interesting atmosphere due to the echo effect from the tunnel.

▼夜晚的黄色灯光营造出温馨氛围,Yellow lights at night create a warm atmosphere © 谷知英

▼透明的合围材料,Transparent sealing material © 谷知英

▼内部空间概览,interior of the structure © 谷知英

▼活动现场,event scenario © 谷知英


Guests are also provided a camper van to stay the night and enjoy local organic bread, honey and coffee in the morning.

▼停放在隧道内的露营车,camper vans parked in the tunnel © 谷知英


Since the road and tunnel will be open in the near future, the hotel is planned to be a one time event. However, in order to re-use the pavilion, the frame work is designed on the premise that it will be reused as a structural skeleton for an alternative accommodation event during fall when visitors will be able to see the fireflies and autumn leaves to experience Yabakei from a different perspective. By creating an opportunity for people to experience the various seasons, we hope visitors can feel the charm of Yabakei.

▼隧道灯光效果,light effect in the tunnel © 佐野文彦

▼隧道酒店布局图,plan © 佐野文彦工作室

▼剖面与结构细部,section and structural details © 佐野文彦工作室

Project name: Yabakei Tunnel Hotel
Address: Yabakei Town, Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture
Program: hotel
Completion: 02/2021
Photographer: Tomohide Tani

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