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Producing a unique aesthetic while meeting the needs of the client.

Project Specs


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Xiaomi is one of the leading technology companies in the world, and as they opened a new office in Brazil its workspace was designed to represent what the company believes and stands for. The design approach tried to integrate the spaces, creating not only a visual connectivity between them but a physical one as well, establishing a laidback and enjoyable atmosphere, with the use of unusual materials for this typology, producing a unique aesthetic while meeting the needs of the client.



The flexibility of the space was one of the key elements of the project, allowing it to be used in different ways, alternating the office layout and adapating itself to the needs of a always expanding workforce.




One of the main features of the office is a staircase that connects both levels, made with Steel, wood and a polyethylene screen; establishing a transition between the reception and the workspace, while at the same time becoming part of the office furniture.

The double height ceiling allows the connectivity within the office, while allowing a good amount of luminosity into the space and a bigger amplitude of the interior.

The coffee area is composed of various elements using the orange color, reproducing the main color that represents Xiaomi, creating into the space a explicit identification with the brand. Another key element in the design was the introduction of a container with chinese writings on it in the center of the office, representing the arrival and the establishment of the company in Brazil.


















Local: São Paulo | SP | Brazil
Typology: Office
Project year: 2015
Built year: 2015
Client: Xiaomi
Built area: 290 sqm

Design Team ARKIZ (www.arkiz.com.br)
Authors: Alexandre Hepner, João Paulo Payar, Rafael Brych, Ana Maria Montag
Contributors:, Albert Ordeig, Denise Capalbo , Felippe Duca ,Natália Martins

Construction: Easy


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