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“+x 书架”原是众产品四合院办公室中,为了适应山墙面而设计的一组书架。后被发展为一组适用范围极广的书架系统。书架基本单元由直径8mm 的“口”形钢架与3mm 厚阳极氧化铝板组合连接而成,可直立,也可斜放,形成“+”形或“x”形。可作为独立单元直立使用,也可上下左右拼合形成更大的书架。铝板着不同色,在钢架中组合摆放,形成不同颜色搭配和反射的效果。充分考虑运输与安装的便利,所有组件均可拆装,方便运输与包装,有效降低成本。

The concept for the +x Bookshelf originated as a shelving solution to match the angle of the pitched roof of our firm’s office, located in a traditional Beijing courtyard house. From that starting point, People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO) continued to develop +x Bookshelf components into a flexible, modular shelving system with limitless possibilities.The bookshelf is oriented diagonally, capable of holding books without the use of bookends. This new form comes with a range of new potential uses: its application can be as varied as covering an entire wall or functioning as a freestanding mid-height spatial divider. A wooden base is provided for the freestanding iteration.The shelves of the +x Bookshelf are 3mm thick anodized aluminum and come in many different colors. Together, the reflections on the aluminum shelves create a color-blending effect. The shelves can also be inserted with different orientations, allowing for several nodal modulations. The frame of the bookshelf is steel and can be completely flat-packed for efficient shipping. The bookshelf can be assembled simply, by screwing together its various parts.




Shanghai Model: The +x Bookshelf contains a plant shelf and adapts to a pitched roof and the position of surrounding furniture

Beijing Model: A shelving system that combines a TV desk, a wardrobe, plenty of storage room and a built-in cat cage

Wuhan Model: The bookshelf is tailored to the curving interior space of this unit

设计主持:何哲,James Shen(沈海恩),臧峰

Material: Steel, Aluminum
Principal: He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng
Project Team: Niu Lei, Lian Junqin, Eugene Kwak
Photographer: 51PHOTOS, People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO) , xiaozhu.com

Chinese & English text: PAO

More: PIDO / PAO ,更多关于众建筑/众产品:PIDO / PIDO on gooood.


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