Winners Announced: Fairy Tales 2018

With submissions from over 65 countries, the award-winning entries explore current events and the creative process through wonderfully crafted short stories and artwork

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自2013年首次举办以来,一年一度的Fairy Tales建筑故事竞赛已经吸引了数千名参与者,获奖者们更成功地将自己的故事作品演绎为各类短片、漫画书和展览等。今年的竞赛结果目前已在华盛顿的国家建筑博物馆揭晓。评审团从来自超过65个国家的参赛作品中最终评选出3个获奖作品、1个优胜作品以及9个荣誉提名作品。

Since its inception in 2013, the annual Fairy Tales challenge has attracted thousands of participants, and winners have gone on to develop their stories into successful Kickstarter campaigns, short films, comic books, and exhibitions. In front of a live audience at the national building museum in Washington d.c., blank space and the national building museum announced the winners of the fifth annual ‘Fairy Tales’ competition. With submissions from over 65 countries, the award-winning entries explore current events and the creative process through wonderfully crafted short stories and artwork.This year’s jury selected three prize winners, a runner up and 9 honorable mentions:



1st Prize
作者:Louis Liu + Senyao Wei
Deep Pool That Never Dries
Louis Liu + Senyao Wei

第一名获奖作品的作者是目前在北京工作的建筑师Louis Liu和新媒体从业者Senyao Wei。“2017年,生活在北京的我们听到了关于政府拆迁的消息。众多自媒体开始进行爆发性的新闻轰炸,随后又遭到严格的压制。在那段时间里,拆迁地和互联网同时陷于混乱之中,而我们只能通过一些私人媒体来了解一些事实。”

Louis is an architectural designer who grew up in Toronto and currently working in Beijing. Wei Senyao is currently an editor and writer in the new media industry. “In 2017, we lived in Beijing and felt the government’s call for demolition. On the same day, many private media outlets in China broke out. We still remember the anger, sadness, panic, protest and disappointment against the government that were spread in the private and personal media during those two days. Afterwards the public went out of control and the government began to exercise strict control over the news. During that time, the area where Beijing was demolished was chaotic. The internet was also in disarray. However, we did not live at the scene. We did not see for ourselves how the government dismantled it. We only learned about it through the private media outlets — the same city and what happened on the other side.”


“We then began to think whether these news were really reliable? Of course they were not reliable. They were not written by reporters. They were written by a group of angry ordinary people. What were they angry about? Because Beijing, like every major city in the world, has a large population, it is crowded, and has many poor people. Therefore, we believe that the biggest problem in Beijing is not to disperse the poor population but to readjust the structure of the city. In this case, the so-called freer private media actually did a very bad job, in which it did not look at this in a greater picture and sought a solution, but instead focused deeply on the matter and complained. So at the end of the story, Lao Tzu’s words means that if you want to reach the truest side of the city, then throw away all the media and its mediums, then every minute and every second of your life in this city is the most authentic look of the city.” – Louis Liu



2nd Prize
作者:Sasha Topolnytska
Sasha Topolnytska


Sasha is an architectural designer born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine; educated in the United States receiving her M.Arch from the University of Michigan. She believes that architecture has a power and agency to improve human lives. “The idea for my story is very simple: sustainability can no longer be just an option, it is imperative for the survival of humanity on this planet. The story itself does not go into defining major issues our plant is facing right now. Instead, the story takes us to a fictional future, envisioning a consequence from human activity. While “Ascension” is a story about Earth, who eventually must resort to defending herself by trying to rid her surface of all human and human made objects, it is also an emotional journey of people fighting to stay and learn how to be a friendlier neighbor.” -Sasha Topolnytska



3rd Prize
作者:Ifigeneia Liangi
The Paper Moon
Ifigeneia Liangi


Ifi is an Architect and an Illustrator who grew up in Athens, Greece and studied in the UK. “I’d like to think of my story as a magical realist fairy tale, challenging ideas of the classical fairy tale, such as for example a linear rather than complex relationship between good and evil. I believe that in the new “antimythical” fairy tale, the quest of the characters should not only be personal, a greater awareness of the self, as we are not all striving for the same idea of happiness. Instead, I believe that narratives should engage with wider questions and ideas, with a clear and responsible voice towards adults, but most importantly, children.”



Runner Up
Diaramas for the Planet


NEMESTUDIO is an architectural office that produces work ranging from buildings and installations to speculative projects in various scales. The office has been recognized with several awards, most recently the 2016 Architectural League New York Prize for Young Architects. “The Middle Earth project is about architecture’s imagination of climate change. The question of the project was: In light of our current political crisis around climate change, what can architecture possibly contribute toward a new planetary imaginary of our contemporary environment beyond environmentalism? Their inspiration was dioramas in natural history museums and their interesting positioning between reality and fiction.”  -Neyran Turan from NEMESTUDIO



Honorable Mentions

Red Cape And The Scarlet Knights
Kah Mun Tham



The Walls Of Freedom
Fouad Addou and Sulejman Gusic



The Torus
Samantha Anderson



Cities Of The Celestial Sovereigns
Alberto De Salvatierra



How To Make An Architect
Zhang Haotian + Li Tianying

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Rat King
Carl Ydergård



Light Of Life
Lorena Cano Acosta + Nicolás Mendoza Ramos



Cohesian: The Blueprint For A United Kingdom
Eric Wong



Refuge-ground: Towards Habitable Offshore Salt Platforms
Lambert David

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