Whitefish Poolhouse & Gallery by Cushing Terrell

Relax in the zen garden

Project Specs

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▼项目概览,Overview ©Audrey Hall

The Whitefish Poolhouse is perched on a steep slope high above Whitefish Lake. Contemporary in aesthetic, the program includes a 75-foot-long, single-lane lap pool, a Japanese soaking tub, a changing/shower area, an exercise room and an art gallery. The poolhouse complex appears as a small collection of stucco-clad buildings situated along the hillside, nesting themselves into the contours where appropriate, but boldly contrasting the grades by extending portions of the building out over the steep slope.

▼项目入口区域环境清幽,The entrance area of the project is quiet and secluded ©Audrey Hall

▼绿色屋顶上点缀着灰岩铺路石的苔藓花园,Mossy gardens with limestone paving stones dot the green roof ©Audrey Hall


▼从楼梯口看向休息区,View the rest area from the landing ©Alan Tansey

▼泳池边的休息区域,A rest area by the pool ©Alan Tansey

▼未注水的泳池,An unfilled pool ©Alan Tansey

▼从泳池方位看向建筑另一侧,Look away from the pool to the other side of the building ©Alan Tansey

▼拥有赛道级灯光系统的泳池,Pool with racetrack lighting system ©Alan Tansey

▼约10米长的小型单泳道泳池,A small one-lane swimming pool about 10 meters long ©Audrey Hall

▼泳池周边拥有全景玻璃窗,Panoramic glass Windows surround the pool ©Alan Tansey

A zen garden adjoins the lap pool. The stand-alone bathhouse features an infinity edge, custom-designed limestone soaking tub. Water overflow drains into a drain filled with river rocks. The window wall folds away, opening on to a landscape that is both controlled and natural. Long-lasting teak and limestone are used for flooring. The green roof elements host a moss garden punctuated by limestone pavers.

▼独立浴室,The stand-alone bathhouse ©Alan Tansey

▼日式浴缸细部,Japanese bathtub details ©Alan Tansey

▼楼梯间,staircase ©Alan Tansey

▼泳池房外观,Appearance of pool house ©Audrey Hall

▼夜幕下的住宅,At night ©Alan Tansey

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