White geometry series by Chen Shujie Studio

Bending game from plane to solid

Project Specs


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Metal plates are cut and bent to form a series of objects with minimalist features: A, B, C, D, and E. The design integrates function and structure and cuts out irrelevant elements, hoping to create pure geometric abstraction. The white tone reflects the effect of light and shadow and highlights the physical features in a better way. The metal plates are easy to process. The designed bending nodes can shape the structures easily and replace the welding process to connect the structures. The process of bending is also the process of modeling which can be left to the user to experience the fun of creation.

▼四款白色几何器物,four objects with minimalist features



摇椅上打盹的老人,摇篮里熟睡的孩子,均匀的摇晃让人身心安宁,似乎时间也会慢下来,这种平静也会影响到周围。设计以此为灵感,试图将悠然宁静的氛围通过座钟体现出来。 圆形的表盘经过裁切、折弯后,形成可以摇晃的表盘和提手。

For an old man napping on a rocking chair and a sleeping child in a cradle, even shaking makes them calm emotionally and physically. It seems that even time slows down, and the calmness will affect the surroundings as well. The design takes it as inspiration, trying to reflect the tranquil atmosphere through the desk clock. The dial plate is cut and bent to form a shakable dial plate and handle.

▼钟表外观,appearance of the clock

▼弯折后形成提手,handle generated by cutting and bending





The candlestick has a three-legged structure, like petals holding up the stamens. As the handle of the candlestick, the “Petals” make it easy to move the candlestick and can derive a group of petals with different height and be combined freely or overlapped to create little landscape on the desktop.

▼烛台外观,appearance of the candleholder

▼烛台可以自由组合、叠合收纳,the petals could be combined freely and overlapped




A white triangle stands on a round base. The glass bottle is hidden due to the force of magnets, and the exposed flowers are in contrast to the geometric shape, seeming to be free from gravity when suspended in the space. The triangle is also the handle for moving and placing the vase.

▼花瓶外观,appearance of the vase





three A4 papers are enclosed to form a lampshade fixed with magnets and a lamp holder. The lamp holder, integrating the lamp leg and the fixed position of the light source and the lampshade, is cut from a sheet of iron. Three A4 papers have were redefined as ready-made products. The method of fixing the paper with magnets is so easy, and it is convenient to remove and replace the lampshade.

▼台灯外观,appearance of the lamp



项目设计 & 完成年份:2019-2020

Project Name: White geometry series: bending game from plane to solid
Design: Chen Shujie studio
Website: www.chenshujie.com
Contact e-mail: chenshujie.design@gmail.com
Design & Completion Year: 2019-2020
Leader designer & Team: Chen Shujie studio
Photo credits: Chen Shujie studio

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