Wemo wearable memo by kenma Inc

A memo which can wear on the mobile device

Project Specs


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Wemo(wearable memo) is a brand that has the concept of take and keep notes anytime anywhere.This type was conceived from a scene where a sticky note is pasted on a smartphone or a laptop computer.By adopting silicon as the material, applying the manufacturer’s proprietary coating technology, you can write with oil ballpoint pens and erase with fingers or erasers as many times as you like.It will not disappear even if it gets wet, so you can use it with confidence at meetings at cafe or so.





这个设计的移动设备分有两种类型,“构件型”和“便签型”。 “构件型”一般用于将其套在智能手机或平板电脑作为外壳上来使用。“便签型”用于将其粘贴在笔记本电脑或触摸电脑的背面来使用。

There are two types of mobile device types, “case type” and “pad type”.Case type is used by attaching it to the smart phones or the tablet computers.Pad type is used by pasting it on the back side of the laptop computers or the touch pads”






备忘录通过背面的吸附处理,可以让使用者根据自己的需求来粘贴或剥离多次。 此外,当使用笔记本电脑时也可以将其粘贴在桌面上使用。这个产品让使用者不再需要携带笔记本,但同样给他们提供高效提醒备忘功能,保证使用者永远不会忘记事情。

By adsorption treatment on the backside, you can paste it or peel it off as many times as you like. Also, you can paste it on a desk when using a laptop computer.Not only making it unnecessary to carry notes, but also these products are extremely effective as powerful reminders that remind you of things that you should never forget.



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