Weekend house in Kumano-cho, Japan by Araki+Sasaki architects

a “new” Japanese house filled in natural light and wind

Project Specs


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Kumano-cho is the traditional brush production region in Hiroshima, Japan. “Weekend house in Kumano-cho” is the privacy-conscious weekend house for the old family. Therefore, it does not have large southern windows near the neighboring house, while Japanese houses are usually open to the south side.

▼建筑颇有传统日式住宅的风度,the building embodied the traditional Japanese style


Instead of southern windows, “Ring of stone floor” and “Diagonal pass” make the interior space and the exterior garden come together to active the open atmosphere. Four “Diagonal pass” which are lined on the corners of rooms come through “Ring of stone floor” made of traditional materials for brushes and calligraphy. These human scale design approaches are developed from the idea of Japanese traditional houses.


▼石板砌成的环廊让室内充满自然光,the stone ring introducing natural light

▼对角线通廊引入自然通风,the diagonal pass lending natural ventilation in the house

▼起居空间,the living area


▼角窗引入庭院景观,the corner window with view of outdoor landscape

▼对角线通廊让室内变得凉爽宜人,the diagonal pass lending wind into the room

location: Hiroshima, Japan
project year: 2017
program: House
site area: 1215.26 m2
building area: 99.65 m2
total floor area: 87.78 m2
architect: Araki+Sasaki architects
structure: Akira Suzuki / ASA
photograhs: Shinkenchiku-sha

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