Wave. Particle. Duplex. by Studio Swine

An investigation of the invisible elements that shape our environment and how modern technology is used to give them physical form

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2019年1月17日,由日本建筑师Azusa Murakami和英国艺术家Alexander Groves带领的Studio Swine在布鲁克林Greenpoint的A/D/O创意空间内打造了全新展览《波. 粒. 二象性.》(Wave. Particle. Duplex.)。该展览由MINI策划,是一个基于场地而特别设计的沉浸式展览。

A/D/O, the creative space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn by MINI dedicated to exploring the future of design, is pleased to announce Wave. Particle. Duplex. a new immersive, site-specific exhibition of work by Studio Swine, helmed by  Japanese architect Azusa Murakami and British artist Alexander Groves, opening to the public Thursday, January 17, 2019.

“在之前的一些作品中,我们致力于探索场地,并通过特定事物和叙事方式来营造不同的场所体验。最近,我们专注于创作更具体验性的作品,并且重点关注了自然与技术之间的关系。在A/D/O驻场期间,我们决定利用大自然带来的瞬时性的材料,来将这一想法转变为新的作品。”Studio Swine如此表示。

“In our earlier works, we were really interested in exploring the idea of locale and the sense of place we could create with certain objects or narratives. Recently, we’ve been focusing on works that are more experiential, with a specific focus on the relationship between nature and technology. During our residency at A/D/O, we decided to translate this idea to new works built with nature’s ephemeral materials,” says Studio Swine.

受到纽约市多变的环境元素的启发,Studio Swine为这项新作构思了两个主体,分别是《拂晓微粒》(Dawn Particles)和《雾画》(Fog Paintings)。它们源于工作室对于物质性和材料性的长期探索与痴迷,并延续了其早期作品中的理念——为那些瞬时性的事物,如光线和时间等,赋予一个物质化的载体。装置本身被放置在一个封闭的结构当中,为来到A/D/O的参观者带来一种与众不同的体验。

Inspired by New York City’s shifting environmental elements, Studio Swine conceived two new bodies of work: Dawn Particles and Fog Paintings. Born from the studio’s long-standing exploration and obsession with materiality, the work disseminates ideas explored in earlier projects such as New Spring and Infinity Blue – giving ephemeral entities, such as light and time, physical homes. The installation itself is housed in a closed structure, generating a unique experience for visitors to A/D/O.

《波. 粒. 二象性.》的亮相标志着工作室对等离子体(plasma)概念的首次涉足。其中《拂晓微粒》系列是与纽约当地的工作室和工匠合作完成的。《拂晓微粒》由一系列氪灯组成,利用被磁化的等离子体来展现与太阳、恒星和彗星上观察到的相类似的光爆发现象。手工吹制的玻璃被固定在面板上,与电流产生的光线共同形成一座耀眼且充满活力的“波墙”。面板质地使光线变得有些模糊,营造出一幅迷人而独特的自然肖像。

The debut of Wave. Particle. Duplex. celebrates the studio’s first foray with plasma – collaborating with local workshops and artisans on the production of their Dawn Particles series. Composed of a selection of Krypton lightworks, the compositions use magnetized plasma to capture bursts of light similar to those observed in the sun, stars, and comets. Hand blown glass is mounted onto panels and backed by a series of shifting currents that generate a bright, energetic wall of waves. The current’s light is blurred by the panel’s satin-sanded finish, creating a dramatic portrait of nature.

▼《拂晓微粒》,Dawn Particles


In the Fog Paintings, a micro-atmosphere of swirling fog is encapsulated in a series of backlit vitrines. These shifting fog patterns diffuse colored light, which in turn generates a sequence of transcendental silhouettes. The final works can be seen as an homage to the Sublime – a contemporary vision of traditional landscape paintings, like that of the Hudson River School, which focus on the metaphysical capture of light and landscape.

▼《雾画》,Fog Paintings

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