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还记得architecture uncomfortable workshop的第一个投稿:那是在2013年5月,Simple Bookshelf和wool chair—拼装书柜与穿着羊毛的凳儿。这两个淳朴又有趣的设计一下子击中了我。点开他们的网站,发现他们还做了其它好些有意思的木工家具,这些看似简单的小家具,都有着自己固有的一套哲学。一年多来,gooood已陆续分享了他们6个作品,算上这篇,已是第7篇。投缘的同时也对他们产生了好奇,希望了解他们的状态和创作背景。因此向architecture uncomfortable workshop提了几个小问。



Until now, gooood has reported six of your works. I still remember the first time I had your contribution-the wool chair in May, 2013. Its simplicity impressed me deeply.
How do you know gooood?
Could you introduce yourself to our readers? And why do you make these wooden works?
What’s the production quantity each time? Are they for sale? (If for sale, who will be more likely the consumers?)
I think your works are simple and pure. Some are like perfect geometrical formulas, waiting to be answered by thinking and manipulative practices.
So what’s your design concept?


wool chair 单纯羊毛凳     (点击蓝色标题看更多)



Simple Bookshelf  超妙拼装书柜   (点击蓝色标题看更多)



Switch wall lamp 纯粹之美,五种变化的开关壁灯   (点击蓝色标题看更多)



Felt lamp 温暖如初   (点击蓝色标题看更多)



Oak x  利落X凳   (点击蓝色标题看更多)



Pieces for Books 非主流书挡     (点击蓝色标题看更多)



我们第一次在gooood上看到的内容是Keiichi Tanaks的陶艺作品。(Keiichi Tanaks作品第一部分Keiichi Tanaks作品第二部分

Architecture uncomfortable是几个年轻建筑师在2009年成立于匈牙利布达佩斯的工作室。除了建筑设计,我们还在我们的木工车间与技艺绝好的木工师傅一起工作。在参与木工的过程中,我们自身的设计理念也得到了极大的提高。





we saw Keiichi Tanaks’s clay works (part 1 & part 2 ) on gooood first

Architecture uncomfortable is a Budapest based architecture workshop, founded by a few young architects in 2009.

Besides architectural design, we work on the realization of the projects in our carpenter workshop, with a leader carpenter. While taking part in the making itself, our idea of design has improved a lot.

Our main interest does not lie in the visual simplicity only, but mainly in simple methods of building (e.g. tools) , which then appears through the built object itself. The construction will have an impact on the final object, which, – as we believe- is much more important.

We are searching for the comfort situation by the design, that is neither more, nor less than the point, where one doesn’t lose his humanity.

Our main aspect by architectural design is not form, or function, but the situation, when one can meet the balance between himself and his environment. This balance is represented by architecture, everything else is only a consequence of it.

We produce our object only for order, and usually for individual claims. These objects are unique, and can not be mass produced, we make them ourselves in our workshop. Some of them are conceptual prototypes, but anyway, we accept orders for remaking objects.



Waste less chair 不浪费的椅子


Convertible chair made of an oak log

We were thinking about the waste remaining after processing of timber logs to wood beams. So came the idea of this garden chair, that integrates two open positions, one as a rock-chair, and one as a chair with legrest. We avoided complicated junctions, in order to keep the simplicity and pureness of the materials. The outer segments of a raw oak log are joined together with simple iron treads.

Each position can be fixed manually, by replacing the iron clamps, which were copied from the tools used in timber industry to move logs with.

While out of order, the chair can be completely closed, and looks like a lying log. As the chair is for outside use, the closed position solves the problem of the wintertime storage, by keeping the inner side safe from rainfall and snow.




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