Warehouse Morinha by stu.dere

A game for children

Project Specs


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As if it was a game… so a new project started! It was a sad and an empty place turned into a large light space and dynamically fitted, as a space for children should be.

▼空间概览,overall view of the project ©Ivo Tavares Studio


In the first contact with the building, it was found a place too wanton in terms of space distribution. Despite the client’s request for an open space concept, the intention was to create a sense of exploration as one walked through space, as though it were a labyrinth, like a game for a kid. Hence the implementation of the wire mesh, which creates a physical but not visual barrier, thus fulfilling the client’s premises.

▼铁丝网在不遮挡视线的情况下分隔空间,wire mesh separates the space with out blocking the visual lines ©Ivo Tavares Studio


In addition to the area devoted to displaying and storing the items, the ground floor includes an office and a small storage room. When accessing the upper floor, there is a studio for product photography. This  division was subdivided into two spaces with a glazing system, which were designed to expand space.

▼一层存储展示区,displaying and storing area on the ground floor ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼铁丝网分隔不同的存储展示区,wire mesh defining different displaying and storing area ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼儿童在铁丝网之间穿梭玩耍,children playing though the wire mesh ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼一层办公室,office on the ground floor ©Ivo Tavares Studio


The materials used have been selected in such a way that their use is unique, without the need for adjacent layers and finishing with other products . Honeycomb polycarbonate has been chosen for the interior walls, suggesting an industrial appearance in harmony with the microcement-coated floor. To counterbalance this, the ceilings and the office were lined with birch plywood, creating a more intimate feel. This note has a regular metric that allows both the rhythm to be created and the organization of space, such as furniture layout, to be guided.

▼走道,一侧为楼梯间,由聚碳酸酯板围合,corridor with staircase on one side, enclosed by polycarbonate ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼聚碳酸酯板中的楼梯间,staircase enclosed by polycarbonate ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼二层办公区,office space on the upper floor ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼空间尽头为产品摄影区,木制天花带来温馨的氛围,photography are at the end of the office space, wooden ceiling creating an intimate atmosphere ©Ivo Tavares Studio


A small area dedicated to children was created next to the stairs to the upper floor. This playful space was covered with polycarbonate and with a double height, at which the lights of a design object fell. The lights reflected in the polycarbonate allude to a world of magic, imagination and creativity. The industrial style pendant lamp was designed specifically for the place.

▼由聚碳酸酯板围合的通高儿童玩耍区,area for children enclosed by polycarbonate ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼特别设计的灯具悬挂在玩耍区正上方,specially designed lights suspended right above the area for children ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼专门为项目设计的工业式灯具,industrial style lights particularly designed for the place ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼木材与聚碳酸酯板的对比,contrast between the wood and polycarbonate ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan ©stu.dere

▼二层平面图,first floor plan ©stu.dere

▼剖面图,section ©stu.dere

▼卫生间立面图,elevations of the washroom ©stu.dere

▼展架分析图,diagram of the display shelves ©stu.dere

Project name: Warehouse Morinha
Office: stu.dere – Oficina de Arquitectura e Design
Architects: Ulisses Costa
Website: studere.pt
Mail: oficina@studere.pt
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stu.dere.oficina
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stu.dere
Location: Vila Meã – Amarante
Conclusion year: 2020
Build Area (m2): 334 m2
Client: Belo & Tavares, SA
Engineering: Civiuban – Engenharia e Fiscalização

Photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio
Website from the photographer: www.ivotavares.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ivotavaresstudio
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ivotavaresstudio

List of Manufacturers
BIRCH PLYWOOD – Interior Walls and Ceilings
EXPORLUX – Wall Lighting
FONTINI BY FONTE BARCELONA – Ceramic switches – DO colection
MICROCIMENTO – Microcement floors, Natural finish;
WELDED MESH – Metal separation mesh.

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