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非常感谢 Rune Guneriussen 予gooood分享以下内容。Appreciation towards  Rune Guneriussen for providing the following description:

Rune Guneriussen是一名装置艺术家兼摄影师,1977年出生于挪威,毕业于英国萨里艺术与设计学院,目前在挪威东部生活与工作。大自然是艺术家最主要的工作场所。他的物件装置作品始于2005年,并且以挪威各地为背景被拍摄下来。比起摄影本身,这些作品更贴近于雕塑和装置。这项长期的独立完成的大规模装置作品是作者呼唤艺术延续性的一个过程。这过程包括物体本身,以及其中所蕴含的叙事、空间以及最重要的时间,其目的是在自然与人文以及人类的生存层级之间寻求一种平衡。这些作品皆于现场完成,摄影作品展现的是它们最为本真的一面。艺术家深信艺术本身应当是充满疑问和困惑的,它与自保和束缚对立。逆行与当代潮流,艺术家并不想指出任何理解其艺术的方法,而是希望能够提供一种理解故事的路径。

Rune Guneriussen, born 1977, in Norway. Education from Surrey Institute of Art & Design in England. Live and work in eastern Norway. Is an artist working in the transition between installation and photography. As a conceptual artist he works site specific, primarily in nature. The work on objects started in 2005, and has been photographed on locations all over Norway. It is not as much photography as it is about sculpture and installation. The long oneman work on an largescale installation is a process triggering the artistic genom. This process involves the object, story, space and most important the time it is made within. It is an approach to the balance between nature and human culture, and all the sublevels of our own excistence. The work is made solely on site, and the photographs represents the reality of the installation itself. As an artist he believes strongly that art itself should be questioning and bewildering as opposed to patronising and restricting. As opposed to the current fashion he does not want to dictate a way to the understanding of his art, but rather indicate a path to understanding a story.

▼15分钟的题目 | A 15-minute title

▼最终的独立时光 | A finalized independent time

▼它们随雨雪到来 | Along with the weather they came

▼寄生的姿态 |  A parasitic gesture

▼燃烧的台灯 | En lampe på bordet brenner

▼承认一种新的优雅 | Acknowledge a new found grace

▼乌鸦在空中鸣叫 | Ravnen skriker over lavlandet

▼没有任何时刻抵得过日出 | At no time defeat sunrise

▼人可以依赖其明智的决定 | One can rely on the prudence of his decisions

▼继承者的动人演讲 | The heirs motivational speech

弥补失去的时光 | Making up for missed time

惯性争论的余波 | Aftermath of habitual argument

我们的意外后果 | Unintended consequences of us

移动的影响 | Imposer of shifts

自我蔑视之勃起 | An erection of selfcontempt


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