VOYAGE COFFEE Rd.Yongjia, China by atelier suasua

A small pavilion integrated into the scene of daily life

Project Specs


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The cafe is located on side of Yongjia Road, in the former French concession in Shanghai. On the other side of the road, there is a 1928 built German heritage castle which has wall surface with fine sand mixed pebble and a tower with steep roof. It used to be Ziwen Song’s residence and now serves as a centre for the elderly.

▼咖啡店外观,exterior view ©朱雨蒙

▼从店内望向对面的德式古堡,view to the German heritage castle from the store ©朱雨蒙


▼改造前外观,the building before renovation

This old building on our site was initially a garage of community. The function had been changed as a shop in not long time ago. The garage was a masonry-concrete building with two separated rooms and two big doors for vehicles respectively towards the road. The previous shop only made an addition of two windows facing the inner courtyard. As the reason that the ownership of inner courtyard belongs to other property, windows were blocked by them from the outside. The interior space is usually dark and wet because of the depth of the building. It is uncomfortable to stay even in good weather, not to mention the continuous rainy season in Shanghai.

▼入口空间,entry space ©朱雨蒙


We had reached a consensus in the very beginning, that the design is no need for “gaining attentions” by the public in this beautiful environment. It can be physically as simple as a small pavilion just only to guarantee a basic need. In atmosphere, it can be integrated into the scene of daily life and naturally invites people come and stay, chat and relax. People in here can capture the precious sunlight during a long season of emotional weather, also they will be more aware of appreciating the pleasant surrounding environment.

▼融入街景的朴素小棚子,a small pavilion integrated into the scene of daily life ©朱雨蒙


▼轴测示意图,axon diagram ©atelier suasua

Our renovation was started in the reason of repairing its leakage problem, thus the height restriction should be consistent with the old building. We firstly combined two garage rooms into one, and demolished the flat concrete roof with only 2.2m clear height. A pitched roof with wood structure and a glass roof covered instead. Also we demolished the solid wall along the road and made this facade open. In this way, space visually extend vertically and horizontally, also sunlight are more invited into the building.

▼木构坡屋顶,the pitched roof with wood structure ©朱雨蒙

▼沿街立面,facade facing the street ©朱雨蒙


The site is not regular rectangle, which gives us the opportunity to free up some space to the public. This also helped to ease the tension of boundary between the building and the road. The roof is laid with red flat tiles and tiles stepped on the cornice to follow the oblique outline. The window opening towards the inner courtyard was reshaped into a vertical one decorated with red brick, which echoes the German castle across the road.

▼檐口以阶梯的方式消化平面的斜角,the roof is laid with red flat tiles and tiles stepped on the cornice to follow the oblique outline ©朱雨蒙

▼咖啡厅就座区,seating area ©朱雨蒙

▼开放的玻璃顶为建筑引入光线 ©朱雨蒙
the opening in the roof invites more sunlight into the building

▼手冲咖啡吧台,hand drip counter ©朱雨蒙

▼屋顶和天窗近景,roof and skylight detailed view ©苏晓萌

▼木构坡屋顶和玻璃顶接合处细节,the joint of the wooden roof and the glass window ©朱雨蒙

▼朝内院的狭长竖窗,the vertical window opening towards the inner courtyard ©朱雨蒙

▼檐下空间,under the eave ©朱雨蒙

▼入口立面,store front ©朱雨蒙

▼夜幕下的街道,street view in the evening ©朱雨蒙

▼平面图,plans ©atelier suasua

▼节点图,structural  details ©atelier suasua

设计方:atelier suasua 刷刷建筑
项目设计 & 完成年份:2019-2020
主创及设计团队:苏晓萌, 曾晓明
摄影版权:朱雨蒙@coppak studio

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