Village center in Sanhe, Shaanxi, China by Wall Architects of XAUAT

A spiritual home in the village.

Project Specs


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The project is situated in Sanhe Village, Fuping County, Shaanxi Province, China. This historical village is rich in resources. It is a typical representative of “Guan Zhong” villages and contains a spiritual characteristic reminiscent of the traditional homes of the Shaanxi people. Today, as the spiritual pursuit and cultural heritage become more and more important, the village carries an increasingly important responsibility. The completion of this project is also aimed at reviving the cultural and spititual connection in rural architecture through a good design. This project will satisfy the rural residents’ fundamental materialistic and spiritual needs, and at the same time improve the construction of rural public infrastructure.

▼项目外观,镂空的砖墙立面运用现代的建造手段表现传统材料,呈现出丰富的光影效果,external view of the building, using local materials and modern technics to create rich light shadow effects


From the perspective of public services, this project has become a veritable“village complex”which includes homes for the elderly, rural health center, village history showroom, village information service station, rural industry showroom, cultural activity center,reading and studying room, spiritual and cultural center, the village grand stage, and outdoor stadium, which aim to improve the rural lifestyle and satisfy the spiritual and cultural needs of the rural residents.

▼建筑中部设有开放的中庭,an open courtyard is located in the middle of the building

▼中庭连接村民活动中心和老年幸福院,the courtyard connects the Village Activity Center and Courtyard for the Elderly

▼中庭中的台阶成为了孩子们的游乐场,steps in the courtyard become playground for the children

▼村民活动中心中部设置楼梯,成为交通核心和空间焦点,staircase in the middle of the Village Activity Center as a focus point and circulation core of the space

▼楼梯细部,details of the staircase



From the perspective of architectural design, the project explores the possibilities of rural architecture in a pure way. There are three important aspects: first, the reacquaintance of the local environment ; second, the redefinition of traditional space and modern rural life; and third, the usage and display of rural regional raw materials in contemporary construction.

▼采用不同尺寸的砖块和不同的堆砌手法形成丰富的光影效果,bricks in different sizes are constructed in various ways, creating different light shadow effects

▼传统材料的使用创造出古朴而纯净的空间,a pure and simple space composed of local materials

▼夜景,灯光透过镂空砖墙形成独特的视觉效果,night view, unique visual effect is created by light through the hollowed brick walls

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan






结构设计: 王兴戈




Project name: Village center in Sanhe 
Location: Sanhe, Fuping, Shaanxi Province, China

Design: Wall Architects of XAUAT

Partners in Charge: Wu Rui,Li Shaochong,Wang Maozhen

Project Team: Liu Chuang,Li Xuan,Zhao Wanjing,Hong Jinlong

Structural Engineer: Wang Xinge
MEP Engineer: Hu Rui,Cheng Xue
Design Consultant: Shi Xiaojun
Technical Consultant: Gao Li
Client: Sanhe village committee

Storey: 2 Floors
Area: 790m2
Design Stage: 2017-2018

Construction Stage: 2018
Photo credits: Wang Dong

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