Vierschach Fire Station by Pedevilla Architects

Simple but tense

Project Specs


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The new fire station is located in the eastern Hochpustertal at 1.130m above sea level.

07_Pedevilla_FF-Vierschach_IMG_0166_GW Vierschach Fire Station

LagePlan Vierschach Fire Station

Pedevilla Architects的建筑师通过竞赛赢得该项目,竞赛评委认为他们设计的这个红色建筑外形鲜明醒目,功能紧凑合理。建筑一部分被埋进地形中,完美的同两侧不一样标高的道路结合。底部功能主要是停车大厅,楼上是大厅。

Excerpt from the competition protocol: “The project offers clear, compact structure, the red color is a sign of the function and underscores the independence of the new building course takes the narrow tie the existing buildings and binds with the run up to the street.. end faces confidently on to the place. This results in an upper space and a lower space, are aligned with the respective logically the upper (hall) and lower chambers (vehicle hall).The functions are well arranged, reduces the use of paths in the least. The interior exterior staircase allows the building to be a connection between the street and parking lot. ”

34_Pedevilla_FF-Vierschach_IMG_0271_GW Vierschach Fire Station

35_Pedevilla_FF-Vierschach_IMG_0274_GW Vierschach Fire Station

40_Pedevilla_FF-Vierschach_IMG_0307_GW Vierschach Fire Station

09_Pedevilla_FF-Vierschach_IMG_0409_GW Vierschach Fire Station     29_Pedevilla_FF-Vierschach_IMG_0250_GW Vierschach Fire Station

50_Pedevilla_FF-Vierschach_IMG_0397_GW Vierschach Fire Station

51_Pedevilla_FF-Vierschach_IMG_0364_GW Vierschach Fire Station

06_Pedevilla_FF-Vierschach_IMG_0163_GW Vierschach Fire Station


Particular attention was placed on a robust and simple construction. The material therefore constructive lightweight concrete was used. A special feature of this project is the high skill level of the concrete shell, with only a few finishing works left, to complete the construction.

31_Pedevilla_FF-Vierschach_IMG_0256_GW Vierschach Fire Station

46_Pedevilla_FF-Vierschach_IMG_0358_GW Vierschach Fire Station


As a contrast to the massive concrete, stone pine and native Loden was used for the “Hall”, which is also a meeting place for the residents of Vierschach.

41_Pedevilla_FF-Vierschach_IMG_0313_GW Vierschach Fire Station

54_Pedevilla_FF-Vierschach_IMG_0382_GW Vierschach Fire Station

Plan Vierschach Fire Station

Client: Gemeinde Innichen
Location: Vierschach/Südtirol
Cubature: 3.540 m³
Project: 2011-2016
Gustav Willeit
Pedevilla Architects

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