Vet’s Office by Bruno Dias Arquitectura

Wooden structure spaces interplay with bright and dark colour

Project Specs


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该项目位于葡萄牙主道路IC8旁的小村庄Ansião,由Bruno Dias Arquitectura事务所最新设计完成。

Not far from a major road, the IC8, you come upon the village of Ansião, and here is where another new project took form.

▼室内概览,interior overview


The Veterinary Clinic is the answer in this area for the surrounding population, as well as being another project that adds on to the diversity and character of the services found in Ansião village. Regarding its architectural side, the project gathers different spaces which are essential to any veterinary clinic, namely a customer reception area, medical offices, animal treatment areas and storage space.

▼前台接待空间,customer reception area

未被分隔的室内曾是不受结构墙体影响的开敞空间,为设计实现所需要的功能空间提供便利。在空间划分和安排上, 诊所不仅以人们预期的布局形式呈现,同时为工作其中的医生和来访人士传递着基于优质服务之上的舒适体验。

The division of the pre-existing space, which up until now was a whole open area, not only provides the space a desired functionality, something expected in a veterinary clinic, but also conveys the feeling of comfort and better quality service to its customers and their owners, as well as to its employees.

▼空间运用木制结构进行分隔,space division using wooden structure

▼医疗护理室,medical office

▼术前准备室,pre-surgery room

▼玻璃墙分隔使诊室保持了空间上的连续,glass wall in medical office forms visual connection

▼诊室走廊,clinic corridor


As this is an area with relative sufficient proportions, but not enough natural light, we took into account these two features whilst developing the project. So as to take maximum advantage of the space and the existing natural light, we chose to divide the space with a wooden structure, made of square units, some opaque and others in glass, which while dividing the different spaces, also allow natural light to shine through in specific points, acting as a permeable element and not a completely sealed one.

▼室内空间拥有较好的长宽比例,area with relative sufficient proportions

▼模块化的空间通过玻璃补充室内光线,interior space made of square units gaining light through glass

▼室内采光高窗细部,interior glass light-aperture detail


The suggested project for the Veterinary Clinic unfolds into a waiting area, a reception counter, a toilet, a medical office, an X-ray room, a pre-surgery room, and a surgery room. However, this space mostly acquires character through the materials and colours used: wood, as the primary element, combined with bright and dark colours, which leave you with a sense of depth and rhythm.

▼木材与白色组合的空间,wood combined with bright colour

▼木材与暗色组合的空间,wood combined with dark colour

▼木门构造细部,wood door detail

▼卫生间细部,toilet detail

▼室内平面图,floor plan


Client: Animalvet
Location: Ansião, Leiria, Portugal
Area: 140m2
Construction Date: November, 2018
Project Team: Bruno Lucas Dias, Kevin Lopes, Catarina Serra

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